Double Glazing Window Cost and Benefits For 2019

Basically, a double glazed window comes with two panes of glass. The panes, however, are separated by either a gas or air pocket, making the window an effective insulator. More importantly, the said pocket can greatly prevent – or, to some extent, lessen – noise pollution from entering your home.

Double glazed windows are often known as Insulated Glass Units. Why exactly? Well, this is due to the fact that the panes of the glass need to be properly sealed right into a single unit in order to result in adequate insulation. As for the gap between the panes, they usually range between 6mm and 20mm. To put it simply, the wider the gap between the panes is, the better the insulation.

Why You Should Install Double Glazing?

There are many reasons why double glazed windows are rapidly growing in popularity. For starters, they help improve energy efficiency; hence, the home becomes more comfortable. In addition, your house will be able to reduce heat transfer to a great extent. Sure, they will require you to spend a bit, but the benefits they provide are worth it. They simply pay themselves over time and, more importantly, enable you to save as much as 25 percent on energy consumption and/or bills.

To give you a quick rundown of its many benefits, they are listed below:

Energy Cost Savings – This type of windows makes it possible for thermal insulation to exist. And when it does, the flow of heat – be it incoming or outgoing – is greatly reduced. This means that less energy is going to be used to cool down or heat up space, thus energy bills are lowered.

Sound Insulation – Double glazing your windows can improve your home’s overall sound insulation. They simply create a barrier between the property and the outside environment.

Reduce Damage to Furnishings – Yes, you read that right – double glazed windows can reduce damage to your furnishings. That is because they are capable of reducing the amount of sun and/or heat entering the space. As such, the damage your carpet, paintings, and any other objects around the house is reduced significantly.

Limited Condensation – If there is moisture on a warm surface, droplets of water tend to form and even freeze into frost. As a result, the room can become a bit colder, forcing people inside the property to adjust the heat. The air found between the two panes of glass – including the airtight seal – helps prevent the possibility of condensation building up. This is done by blocking the moisture found in cold weather.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

In reality, it is hard to determine the total cost of double glazing because there are a handful of variables at play. This includes, but not limited to, the frame material, quality of double glazing, size of each window, number of windows you are trying to fit, and the installation process. Your best course of action here, however, is to ask for a double glazing quote from your preferred installer.

For reference, a certain casement window that comes with a uPVC frame might cost you around £500. But if you are looking for a fancier one like a sash window with a timber frame, it is likely to have an asking price of £3,000.

Based on the aforementioned, it is safe to assume that personalized double glazing quote is handy. This is simply due to the fact that it can give you a much more accurate idea of the overall costs.

Still, there is no doubt that double glazed windows are a worthy investment. The benefits they provide can easily eclipse the money that you would spend.

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