Dubai Residential Communities with Great Views


If you are planning to relocate to Dubai, you need to consider where you intend to stay. Many things need to be put into consideration because Dubai which is known as one of the largest city in the world has several communities which are commercial and residential for people.

The apartments in Dubai differ from each other regarding the amenities and the structure which the landmark. The bottom line is wherever you get to settle in Dubai has to be determined by the amount you are willing to pay.

There are exclusive and expensive villas and apartments while you can as well see cheaper ones. In all this, there are some residential communities with great views that you can consider. Irrespective of the community you choose from the list we are about to discuss, you need to consider the schools for your kids, place of work, shopping center and some other centers like the medical hub.

Dubai tops the list of the fastest and most visited cities in the world. It gives an avenue for expats to and migrants to live and invest in areas called the freehold.


Al Barari

The community known as Al Barari is one of the attractive areas in Dubai with the surroundings filled with green pasture. The community is situated on 14 million square feet. It comprises different types of villas, and they differ in the number of bedrooms.

The community is blessed with apartments and villas that are structurally designed with amazing themes such as camellia, Acacia, Bromellia, and Dahlia. We didn’t just add the Al Barari to the list of the best communities with a great view to the hype, and the truth remains that almost all the villas are designed with rooftop artificial waterfalls and gardens.

In addition to that, the community has human-made lakes, green gardens, ponds, and other amenities such as the Air Theater and restaurants. To locate the community is straightforward as you can easily access it from the old and new Dubai.

Al Barsha

Al Barsha
One of the newly built communities in Dubai is the Al Barsha. The community is designed in a way to meet the need of those who can’t afford expensive villas from great centers in the city. The accommodations in this area are affordable as you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire any property.

Most of the apartments in this newly developed community are mid-rise apartments and villas. You will have to consider the community because it is close to the business hub of the city known as internet and media city.

It is a residential environment for friends and families as it is secured. The community gives rooms for anyone to rent and buy properties. It has a freehold property option which means expats can invest in the community.

Jabel Ali

Jebel Ali
The next we want to talk about is Jabel Ali which is situated in the southwest part of the city with 35 kilometers. The community gives freehold to anyone that chooses to invest by either renting or buying a property.

Getting an accommodation in this community is easy for anyone. It also boasts of over 5,500 companies from over 120 countries which contribute to the growth and development of the community.

The community is blessed with plenty of green areas which make it a perfect place for those who cherish nature, and it also has other amenities to makes life more comfortable and pleasant for inhabitants. Expats can choose this community to fulfill their basic need as it most of the apartments comes cheap and affordable.

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