How to Protect Your Property from Natural Disaster


In the recent years, we have gone through so many natural disasters around the world. A disaster in U.S damaged more than $300 billion worth property. However, some homes which were built with steel could withstand with the effects of whether changes. But for the people who live in disaster prone areas and built adisaster proof house will have high chances of escaping from the disaster. Though people who are about to buy or build their own house, should always keep in mind that the home has the ability to withstand the disasters with ease. Protecting your investment is as much important as building a one. If you have to live in the disaster for a bit, consider learning how to cook a meal with no electricity. It could save your life.

If your house is affected by any natural disaster, John Rogers Roofing, Naples FL provides with complete roof replacements, roof repairs for any type of house and secures your house with new roof.Although, there are possibilities to escape the cause by building the house with the items that which has strong ability to protect itself from the damage caused by the damage.

Even after the damage is caused, you have possibilities to recover half of the damage by safe guarding your things prior or after the disaster hit. Although, safeguarding your switches, sockets, and circuit breakers will help you from flood related issues. Anchoring and elevating outdoor equipment, modifying your water valves, ensure the last-minute measures to protect your home from the damages.However, we are providing you some tips to follow to protect your property from disaster:

Collect Your Important Documents:

Collect Your Important Documents
Important documents such as legal certificates, insurance policies, checkbooks, bank account information, social security cards, wills, etc. are the valuables which you are supposed to carry before evacuating the house.

Call The Insurance Agent:

Insurance Agent
If your house is already damaged, then you should call the insurance agent to find out what to be done and what information is required to be claimed for the damage caused. The insurance agent will help you take few measures to be carried out to protect your home for future damage and help you recover the one that has already caused.

Separating Things:

You should separate the damaged items and undamaged items to ensure no more damage is caused further. Make adjustments and conduct repairs on the half damaged house before it causes more damage.

Keep Copies:

Keep Copies
Keep the copies of correspondence with the insurance company by providing them the detailed list of the damage caused on your property. The claim will be much more easierif you capture the images of the contents of your house with the proper brand name and serial numbers of all the electrical and electronic equipment.

Go For Relief Organization:

After the disaster occurs, a lot of disaster relief organization make themselves available to help you with the meals, shelter, clothing and medical assistance. They also provide with referrals to the government For Additional Services.

Disability Benefits:

Disability Benefits
If any of your family member gets injured, you can take help of employee- sponsored disability benefits. Family medical leave act will help to recover the injured family member. This law provides with 50 employees to the company or organization to help the injured people recover.

Contacting Creditors:

As we know, give and take policy always works best. Just like that, if you make the payments on time, you will receive back the payment on time. So, it’s always necessary to focus on paying bills at the right time to protect the credit rating. Even the insurance policies and rent payments should be at the top priority list. Also, make sure you cancel all the services like telephone and cable for the damaged property and providing reconnection for the vacated area.

Tax Relief:

Some federal income tax provides offset for your financial losses for the victims suffered from natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc. when the president declares an area under federal disaster area, it provides extension time for paying tax and getting the tax returns. The disaster victims are deducted from the loss on tax return for that year when the disaster occurs. Even the victims have the option of taking the entire loss of their last year tax return. If the person have already filed the tax return for the prior year, they will be refunded for their disaster expenses.

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