Secure Your Home with Waterproofing


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If you are planning to construct a new house, waterproofing is imperative. It can’t be neglected if you want your home to be resistant to water damage.

Water can cause severe damage to homes and, very quickly, a happy home can turn into a nightmare. Water damage to your home can be extremely expensive to repair. Water seeping into walls, ceilings and your roof can not only cause the dilapidation of structure of your house but it can also cause damage to your home furniture, property and valuable possessions. In addition, it can ruin the paintwork, woodwork, wallpaper and finishing of your home and negatively affect the sale value of the building.


Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that you can carry out yourself. These are very useful in preventing water damage as well as improving the value of your home.

The few crucial reasons for waterproofing our home to ensure the long life and structural soundness of our home are:

  1. Saves the building from a flood by preventing water from entering the house by any means.
  2. Creates a healthy environment in the home by preventing moulds from entering, proliferating and spreading respiratory infections like asthma.
  3. Overall waterproofing protects underground floors and basements.
  4. Secures the structural foundation of your home.
  5. Don’t have to invest money on insurance claims related to water damage.

What is the best way to waterproof your home?

There is a number of waterproofing products available in the market, choosing the right one for your house carefully is an important decision to protect your homes from external moisture. SovChem is a big brand and a respected name in the field of chemical products for the building and construction industry. They are well known in the field of damp proofing and waterproofing with over 2000 Approved Contractors all over the UK. Visit Sovereign Chemicals to resolve your queries regarding what product to select for waterproofing your precious home. They will provide you with the best options and make available all the necessary materials quickly and at a reasonable cost. The technologies in which they deal in for waterproofing are:


  1. Concrete waterproofing coating can be applied on top of painted exterior walls to give them resistance to water.
  2. Silicate-based concrete sealer is a waterproofing product that reacts with the components in brickwork and concrete to create a waterproof coating; this type of product can only be used on unpainted walls.
  3. Plastering protects the walls from moisture and any kind of leakage. It also improves the appearance of walls. Usually, plasters have waterproofing properties, but by adding waterproofing supplement, water infiltration problems can be more definitively avoided.
  4. Sealants and Mastics – These are waterproofing products that include polysulphide sealant, slow modulus silicone sealant, intumescent acrylic sealants and flashing tape.
  5. Remedial wall ties – There are remedial stainless steel wall ties available in various forms like mechanical or resin, etc.
  6. Cavity drainage tanking membranes are very useful for waterproofing walls and floors of the building. There are two types of waterproofing membranes available: one for the exterior of new construction, and one for the internal tanking membranes for existing basements.

These are some of the new technical products available in the market to ensure proper waterproofing of your home. To secure the health of your home for the foreseeable future, be sure to get your hands on the ones that are most applicable to your home.

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