Designer Tips: 7 Killer Ways to Bring More Personality to Your Bedroom

Many of those who have lived in an ordinary multi-story building in cities know firsthand how sometimes there is not enough space in the apartment and how small the rooms are. Small bedrooms are often not very comfortable. It seems that you have so many things but nowhere to store. Bedrooms require a special approach to design. Their interior should be thought out to the smallest detail. Only after that, the design of a small bedroom will be literate, and the room itself is functional. A place to rest should be, first of all, comfortable. Good sleep and full recuperation are possible only in a room with suitable lighting. At the same time, not only the brightness and location of the light sources but also their aesthetic qualities are important. Relaxing with taste is much nicer and healthier. Lighting in the bedroom should also be neither too dim nor too bright. Desk lamps will help to diversify and emphasize the interior. In an ordinary modern apartment, the bedroom plays the role of both a study and a wardrobe. We have listed 7 killer ways for you to bring more personality to your bedroom.

1. Choose the interior style

Choose the interior style

Bedrooms are usually small, and that is why the very first thing you need to decide is style. Small rooms cannot be cluttered with objects, there should not be a lot of accessories in them. The more space remains, the room seems to be more spacious. Therefore, not all styles are suitable. Styles such as modern, minimalism, high-tech, etc. will look better for small bedrooms since all of them are characterized by smooth painted walls, clear lines, a minimum of details.

2. Shelves behind the bed

Often there is wasted space between the head of the bed and the wall. You can put shelves there and add some more convenient storage space to the room. Moreover, if you approach this correctly, you will get a bright appearance and the opportunity not to get out of bed to get a book, a cup of water or other things that you may need before going to bed or in the morning. Alternatively, you can also place the shelf above the bed.

3. Use Sofa-bed

Use Sofa-bed

It is not surprising that folding furniture is so popular today. It is necessary to choose furniture taking into account the area of the room since it is quite difficult to put the sofa in the bedroom with a bed correctly. Getting rid of an old-fashioned bed may be unthinkable for some people. But this is a necessary step to get more free space. The sofa bed can be folded when there is no need for it. During the day you can read books or watch tv on the couch, and stretch out on a bed at night.

4. Choosing the color

The color scheme of small bedrooms should not be dark. Light shades of pastel colors are ideal for their design. You can dilute the light and pale interior of a small bedroom with bright accents. Most attention when designing a small bedroom should be given to the choice of wall materials. Textured plaster with a large relief is also not suitable for a small room to sleep. It is better to use wallpaper for the decoration of such a room. Striped wallpaper can also be used in this type of room. But the stripes should not be too wide or horizontal, as well as dark or bright.

5. Proper selection of lighting

Proper selection of lighting

There are many ways to correctly organize the light space in the bedroom. The central light of the bedroom should be muted and diffused so as not to create unnecessary shadows. It is necessary to pay attention to the size and shape of the main chandelier – it is better to give preference to the lamp of small size. In a small room, a large chandelier will look stupid. Wall lamps for a small bedroom is also a great alternative to additional lighting. Also, it will be an excellent way out for those who love to read before bedtime.

6. Floor Decoration

The choice of color – light or dark – depends largely on the style. If you want to get a feeling of stability in the room, the dark floor will be more suitable. If lightness is required, your choice should be the light floor. With the help of floor decoration, it is also possible to achieve a visual increase in the room, however, for this, a floor made of planks, laminate or parquet is suitable.

7. Consider space for storage

Consider space for storage

A huge wardrobe in a small bedroom is not the best solution. Discard the standard methods of storage and use the full potential of the room. You should remember that under the bed there is a huge amount of unused space that has the potential for storing various things: from off-season bed linen to winter clothes and little used things.

The modern bedroom is designed exclusively for sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the furniture in such a way that they fit into the room as much as possible. By following our tips you can give a new look to your bedroom.

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