Custom Closet Companies: Difference Between An Armoire and Chifferobe

The answer to your storage needs can be as easy and accessible for you in the form of a wardrobe, armoire, or chifferobe. 

These pieces provide an ample space that will not only allow all those garments to take up less room than they did before but also keep them organized with their drawers specially designed just for hanging clothes. 

A Chifferobe and an armoire are both storage devices, but they serve different purposes. And custom closet companies always know what the right one is suitable for you. An average person needs more space to store their clothes than what can be found in a chest or dresser. 

This is where the chifforobe comes into play with its extra deep drawers that allow you to pile everything up high. In this article, we’ll further discuss the difference between an armoire and chifferobe and find out which one suits you best.

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Wardrobe VS. Closet

The battle of clothing or item storage is wardrobe vs. closet. A closet is usually much larger than a wardrobe, and often found at home to store clothes in one’s personal life (in guest rooms, closets for guests), offers certain restrictions such as location. 

You can’t move the space if the room has a passive design. It needs to be set up around an accessible entryway with enough open flooring nearby so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish every time without hassle.

There are a variety of wardrobe sizes to choose from, and each one provides different features depending on your needs. However, a custom walk-in closet design is being branded nowadays as luxurious and more convenient in a lot of ways.

For example, an armoire is perfect if you want extra room for clothes but not much else. Its small size means that there won’t be any problems finding storage space in this furniture piece.

Get a Glimpse of an Armoire

The versatility and history of armoire started in the 17th century, but it is used as a storage device that dates back even further. Before this time, it would have been called an “armorie” because of how often weapons were kept within these pieces of furniture. 

An Armoire can be easily moved around your room. Just make sure not too far away from where you want it. It’s also great if you find yourself with little closet space or needing extra items that don’t fit anywhere else on account of being limited by proximity more than anything else.

When it comes to closet organization, an armoire is very similar to how you typically manage your space. Behind two front doors are hanging rods for all of our clothing, and sometimes on top, there’s one large shelf where any items can be laid flat if needed/wanted. 

Closets work well due in part because they have the room divided up by shelves which helps separate dry goods from shoes or other loose belongings while also giving us more options when deciding what goes back into them after use.

Get a Glimpse of a Chifferobe


A chifferobe, or can also be spelled as “chifforobe” or “chiffarobe,” allows more versatility to your storage needs. A chifferobe is a perfect addition to any storage-strapped bedroom. 

It allows you the flexibility of moving around your clothes as needed without being confined by one spot or type of hanger, and with so many drawers for various needs, it can be tough to find room on even an already spacious dresser.

A wardrobe with all your clothes inside? Sounds like a great place to store them. But what if you could get more than one type of storage in one space and have it be durable too. 

A chiffonier is an old-fashioned piece that once had drawers either beside each other or stacked on top, but now they’re just known as “chiffs.” 

This word has adopted the best features from both its predecessors—wardrobes for clothing organization purposes–to give us versatility when storing things away out there at home.

Explore The Possibilities

Closet space in your homes can be compact and uncomfortable. Custom closet companies can assist you in customizing closets and help you find the best solution. May it be a tiny small hall closet or a huge walk-in closet in your master bedroom.

JB Closets will make your dream of a one-of-a-kind closet system come true. Whether you want to create more space or convert an entire room into the ultimate storage unit for all those shoes we know are hiding under our beds, JB’s experts can help you get it done.

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