Creative ways to Futureproof your Child’s Bedroom



It may seem like a long way off, but young children turn into teens before you know it.  So, when you’re decorating your child’s room, it’s a good idea to think of the future.  Creating an adaptable room that’s only going to need subtle changes over time, will save on continued refurbishment costs.  These are just a few of the things you should think about.

Adjustable shelves

Whether you’re thinking of putting in fitted storage or buying furniture sets, think about how useful they’ll be as your child grows.  Furniture with adjustable shelving or that can be used for flexible purposes, could be handy.  Toy storage chests may not be so useful after a few years, but shelving can be used for toys, books and practically anything!

Durable flooring


You might not have put much thought into the flooring for your child’s bedroom.  Most of us think of beds and color schemes as the most important elements to the room.  However, flooring can last a long time if chosen and fitted correctly. Pay out a bit more for the cost of laminate flooring, carpets or wooden flooring and you might get a better product.  Check guarantees on products and order samples to be sure you’re getting a quality floor.

Adaptable bed

Buy a bed that will be useful to your child as they grow.  Beds with integrated seating, desks and storage could work well over the years.  Try to think about what your child’s needs are going to be as they get older.  A place for studying may not be so important now, but could be essential in a few years’ time.

Power points

When your child is young, they may just have a nightlight plugged in, and that’s it.  But as they get older there may be computers, televisions, games consoles and chargers to plug in.  It’s ideal to have power points located on all of the walls. This gives you the freedom to change furniture around and add electrical items as the years go by.  This is a good way to avoid relying on extension cables and having lots of wires trailing around the room. If you’re worried about child’s fingers, you can use socket covers until they get older.

Multi-functional seating


A bit of seating in your child’s room is a great addition.  And it’s something they’ll use time and again.  To get the most out of any seating, multi-functional options may be the way to go.  Cushioned bench seating with storage underneath or futon-style seating that can also be used for sleepovers and extended family are two useful ideas.

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