Improving Your Driveways: Imprinted Concrete



Do you even notice the cracks in your driveway?

Eventually, when looking at your home, it is one of the parts which give the impression of your home’s value. You might wonder, why does it need to look good? Why is it even necessary?

Well- It has to be visually enticing so that your home would look more cohesive. This will also aid your driveway’s problems to avoid further complications that may happen, such as car damages or injuries for you. It is challenging, but you also have to keep an eye on it as this will have a tremendous impact on your home’s value (read more).

Figure out where’s the need to be fixed, so it will not serve as an eyesore in your home holistically. Read on to know what the best material for driveways is.

Imprinted Concrete

In layman’s terms, imprinted concrete is a block of concrete that is patterned or textured to resemble another material, such as bricks, tiles, stone, or wood. That’s why it is widely known to fancify your ground- particularly in driveways.

Having your driveway in renovation will help build up your home’s value and add to its functionality and space. As long as it is in good form or shape, it will be worthwhile to invest in it.



Speaking of visually enticing, one of which is imprinted concrete. It is unquestionably a better option in terms of aesthetics and flexibility when it comes to the selection of colors. Hence, depending on your demand, the imprinted surface has various patterns that can quickly get into your house’s whole look. This will complement the façade of your location, making it look more appealing.

Here’s a list of the color selections:

  • Charcoal Black
  • Platinum Silver
  • Slate Green
  • Deep Red
  • Mahogany
  • Deep Tan
  • Brick Red
  • Terracotta

Be sure to match your house’s theme or color scheme when selecting the right color for your driveway, so this includes the color of the façade, walls, or any other flooring of your home to make it blend seamlessly into it.

Although stamped material already looks real, be conscious of the pattern that will make your entire driveway unified.

Also, consider the purpose of colors. Color can absorb or reflect the heat from the rays of the sun. Therefore, you should make sure that you go for bright or lighter shades, as dark colors absorb heat that can make the entire driveway warm and unpleasant, which you might not be going to be comfortable with. You might not be able to walk on it bare-footed, for instance.

List for some concrete designs:

1. Brick

Consequently, bricks have a vibrant color, which makes the entire space look buoyant.

2. Wood

Wood is nearly good in the long run. Particularly, when there is a crack that would appear after years, this would still look seemingly good. This pattern has natural flaws such as knots and grains, so having more imperfection would not be noticeable.

3. Slate

Slate is naturally beautiful, as it addressed the natural beauty of a natural stone. Thus, making your place look more vibrant and realistic.

4. Shapes

Shapes are exciting to see. They amplify the whole look and the vibe inside or outside your home.

5. Random Stones

This will be a good variation for your driveway as stones are more natural and realistic.

6. Staining

Stains are helpful in toning, making a subtle variation amongst the surface.



It’s aesthetically pleasing and we know look is just a bonus. What’s good about this type of material has low maintenance making it more reliable when it comes to longevity. Although cracks are inevitable in imprinted material, the occurrences of damages will be less likely. The materials used in this surface have been associated with the subgrade, assuring that imprinted concrete’s structural integrity would last for more years. Take note that this kind of concrete is way cheaper and affordable than real stones, bricks, etc. They make a good alternative if you still want to achieve a look by using imprinted concrete.


Among the other standard concrete, imprinted one is better when it comes to durability. This type of concrete has the qualities that can resist the weather since it is based on a reinforced base that is placed above the sub-base. Thus, it offers two layers of protection, preventing the concrete from moving or sinking by any chance. It also lessens the appearance of cracks as time goes by.


Usually, it would last for 4-10 years, varying how occasionally you have it cleaned or resealed, which is essential to guarantee that it will not get cracked. As long as you will execute proper maintenance, it will last for a decade, which will add up to your savings instead of repairing non-durable and non-reliable concrete. But traditionally, it can last for 25 years if properly installed.


Maintenance is a must in everything, and durable concrete isn’t an exception.

It is simple; simply dusting off or sweeping the floor is already helpful to maintain its structure. This must be ensured that the dust or debris residing on top of the surface should always be removed, don’t make it stay there for too long.

You should also ensure to have it resealed in 3-4 years so that its lifespan would be longer. In cleaning it yourself, you can do it by solely water and soap. Use a low-pressure power washer or a hose, then wash the dirt in the concrete and dry it off afterward.

Imprinted concrete is low-maintenance, so it is beneficial to be used as concrete in your driveways.

Thus, it will be less costly in a long extent of time, but an excellent investment when you’re planning to sell your property will add significant value. But if you have a renovation in mind for investment, it is wise to get the best imprinted concrete for driveways since it is affordable but high-quality. This is really the best in flaunting your property. But if you’re not planning, then enjoy the thought of having a good investment in your life.


Although imprinted concrete is just a resemblance of other material, it still looks realistic if looked at. Usually, they are molded in the actual form where the original material is being used. Therefore, the visual is almost the same as the original.

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