The Best Flowers to Gift Your Mother to Express Your Feelings on Mother’s Day


Best Flowers to Gift

Ask yourself how many times have you shown your appreciation to your mother in the last year, or last five years? How many times have you told her that you love her? Shown her by actions that you care? Not as many times as you might want it to be, right? Well that’s the irony of life! But if want to change that now, you should start looking up gift ideas to make this Mother’s day special for your mama! There are many unique and creative ideas floating around on the internet that can inspire you. And you can also try doing something more personalized and think of a better, more suitable idea yourself. And if you want to go the traditional route, or if nothing else comes to mind, you can always order flowers delivery! But why do we give flowers to mothers? Let us find out more about it.

Why Gift Flowers on Mother’s Day?

Giving flowers to your mother on Mother’s day has been an ancient tradition which had a profound meaning. Flowers are simple, yes, but they are also ethereal, fragrant, beautiful, and elegant. Mother’s day or Mothering Sunday is a day devoted to the celebration of mothers and motherhood. While we always love our mothers, this day is held to honor mothers and other maternal figures in our lives. On this day, children honor their mothers and show their appreciation by giving gifts or doing something special for them. Traditionally in the US flowers, especially carnations, were gifted to mothers as they are a symbol of fertility and life. However, over time, other flowers too were included in this day’s celebrations. Each flower has a different meaning and symbolism. So, let us look at some of the best and most meaningful flowers to gift to your mother to express your feelings.  



When it comes to mother’s day choices, carnations are a classic gift for all mothers and maternal figures. These long-lasting flowers come in many beautiful colors and are quite popular as gifts. Whether you include them in an arrangement with other flowers or gift a bunch of them, carnations work perfectly. They look great in a vase on the desk or as an arrangement on the dining table. Along with enhancing the decor, they also add color and freshness to your home. Whether you go for soft pastel shades or bright and bold colors, you really can’t go wrong with these flowers!


The colorful gerbera daisies are considered the flowers of fun and cheer. They symbolize happiness and cheerfulness and are the perfect flowers for a bouquet. They are also considered the perfect flowers to add to a celebration or decoration. They represent the innocence of children and are hence considered a perfect gift for loving mothers. Gerbera daisies also come in a variety of colors and can look good in any type of arrangement. A bouquet of gerberas is the perfect gift to give your mother on any day!


Lilies are considered the emblem for mothers in many asian cultures. They have been associated with motherhood since ancient times. Lilies are big, beautiful flowers with elegant petals and long stems. They come in a variety of colors and make for a vividly pretty bouquet. These elegant flowers are also the most sophisticated and classy gift for your mother. A bouquet of lilies often comes with several closed buds as these are long-lasting flowers. The closed buds may look pretty but once they open up, these flowers make for a beautiful sight. A perfect addition to your mother’s dressing table.



As bright as their name suggests, sunflowers in all their glory are truly a sight to behold! With sunny bright colors and long stems, these flowers are perfect for a bouquet. Sunflowers represent happiness and joy. They are a good gift for mothers with a cheerful disposition. They look stunning on their own and even when you add them to an arrangement of flowers. These perky flowers are long lasting just like your bond with your mother. They are the perfect gift for a mother that likes colorful and vibrant things. 


Soft and delicate, roses are the flowers of love. Yes, roses are mostly associated with romantic love but that’s not all they signify. In fact, when you want to show your love for anyone who’s special to you, a bouquet of roses is definitely a good gift. And when that loved one is your mother, the ethereal roses are the perfect choice. Roses come in many colors and each color has a different meaning. Their soft and dainty petals have a rich and smooth fragrance. And they are long-lasting too! So, all you need to do is pick the right color of roses and make your mother’s day more special.



Graceful and enchanting, tulips are one of the most popular gift flowers in the world and rightly so! These blooming buds are long-lasting, fragrant, and just beautiful. Whether you put them in a bouquet or add them to some elaborate flower arrangements, tulips bring color and vibrancy to the decor. These blooms also come in various colors which have different meanings. The most significant ones are pink, yellow, purple, white, and red which signify affection, happiness, admiration, purity or innocence, and deep love. Pick one of these colors or mix a few to make a bouquet that truly expresses all you feel for your mother!


Vibrant and exotic, orchids are the flowers to get for someone with a lively and bold personality. With their exotic appearance and vibrant colorful blooms, orchids represent rare beauty, luxury, elegance, and love. These beautiful blooms are long-lasting and come in a variety of colors. The most popular are pink orchids that signify grace, poise, and femininity. However, you can give any color orchid or a mixture of the many colors for a truly exotic present.

While you can certainly pick one flower that signifies your feelings and make it into a bouquet, a colorful mix of flowers can liven things up. Plus, you can also use different flowers and colors for expressing different emotions and make an elaborate arrangement. No matter what you choose, if it’s chosen with love, it will surely reach the heart of the receiver!

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