Can You Afford Not to Hire a Moving Company?

Whether you are relocating to a new apartment or buying a new house, you are looking forward to the great hassle and expense of moving. No one enjoys the process of transporting their belongings from one space to another; it is time-consuming, back-breaking work that always results in a few lost and broken belongings.

When you are younger (and poorer) you automatically choose to move your stuff on your own, assuming that professional movers cost too much. However, the benefits of professional moving companies are extensive, and they are often more than worthwhile. Since you are about to embark on a move, you might consider the following pros and cons of moving companies to determine whether hiring one is right for you.

The Cons of Moving Cos

The Cons of Moving Cos

It’s easy to start with the downsides of hiring movers because you are likely already familiar with them. First, they come with a cost. A local moving service will likely charge about $25 per hour per mover, and a long-distance mover charges about $2,000 for 3,000 pounds. You should be able to calculate your moving costs in accordance with your situation — and you’ll likely find that you’ll pay at least a few hundred dollars (if not a few thousand dollars) to hire professionals to help you move.

The second hazard of moving companies is much less common, but it is a common fear amongst potential customers: scams. Because all it takes to become a mover is a large enough truck, plenty of less-than-qualified outfits have emerged in cities around the country. These so-called professionals lack expertise, meaning they often damage belongings in the packing and transporting processes. Worse, some movers straight-up steal their customers’ stuff.

These faults with movers are real — but they aren’t as significant as you might think. For one, you’ll probably pay nearly as much moving your own stuff if you account for the packing materials, rental trucks and time off work you’ll need to accomplish the task. Then, moving scams are less profitable — and therefore less common — than other types of scams, so if you properly vet your movers (through review websites, referrals and more), you shouldn’t have an issue.

The Pros of Moving Pros

The Pros of Moving Pros
The pros of using professional movers are not touted as loudly as they should be, which means too many people struggle with moving when they don’t need to. In broad cities, like Phoenix, moving companies are all but mandatory for reducing time and energy required for a move. Here’s why:

Movers have experience. Over the course of a lifetime, you might move 11 times. Professional movers will do that in a week. Movers know the right way to cushion fragile items, the right way to pack a truck, the right way to negotiate bulky furniture around tight corners and more. In general, they can move your home the right way the first time around.

Movers have equipment.You don’t have boxes, packing tape, fill, tie-downs, a hand truck or even a regular truck; you’ll have to buy or rent all of that, and as mentioned before, that can cost a pretty penny. Movers come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, and they pack and move everything for you.

Movers have the time and energy. Moving is their occupation, which means they aren’t taking time off to move your stuff like you would have to. They wake up in the morning expecting to move, which means they have the energy — and strength — to get the job done.

Movers are more efficient. No matter how quickly you think you can throw things in boxes, movers can do it quickly — and with fewer boxes. Then, they can move things out of your old place and into your new one lickety-split. This saves you money, because you are paying by the hour, and ensures the ordeal of moving is done fast.

Too often, when people try to save money, they fail to account for the costs of time and effort. Moving is terribly taxing work, and it might be more worthwhile to outsource this one to some trustworthy movers in your area. You’ll likely find their rates reasonable and their work agreeable — and you’ll probably never again make a move without professionals doing the heavy lifting.

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