Home Decoration Tips for the Non-DIY Enthusiast

It’s difficult to know what to do with home decoration when you’re not enthusiastic about DIY projects. Either you know that you’re no good with a hammer or saw in your hand or it’s just not what you wish to commit to over the next 10 weekends in a row.

Accordingly, here are some tips for home decorations that are suitable for the non-DIY enthusiast.

Make a Strong Impression with a Chandelier

Make a Strong Impression with a Chandelier

There are chandeliers for all occasions. You’ve got classic looking ones all decked out in brass for full decadence and modern ones with glass lampshades in a 9-bulb array of light. The traditional brass and glass for the gleaming look that you come to expect with a chandelieris available too.

You can find a great selection of chandeliers to browse on lights.co.uk and pick the one that fits perfectly into the room and matches the existing décor. A chandeliershould stand apart from the decoration in the rest of the space to avoid disappearing into it. However, even when the lights aren’t turned on, most chandeliers are impressive enough decoratively-speaking to make a statement either way.

Change the Seating Arrangements

Change the Seating Arrangements
One of the simplest improvements to a home is to re-examine the floor plan which may have existed before you bought the property. There are different ways to go about it. If the occupants prefer to watch TV, then the layout is likely to reflect a need for everyone to see the big-screen TV easily.

However, if entertaining family and friends is the priority, then a very different floor plan can be developed where seating faces inwardto be able to see facial expressions and hear everyone clearly.
There’s also the option to use versatile seating arrangements that are created using blocks. The seating is moved around depending on the activity and number of guests present. This has some attraction when entertaining guests in the summer months necessitates seating that faces each other and then facing the TV when winter comes around with more time spent indoors.

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover
The kitchen is often the place where a family spends the most time, especially on weekends and if the main cook in the household likes to impress the family with his or her creations.

Not every kitchen is as modern as it could be. While kitchen cupboard doors can be sanded down, and repainted and other changes made, there comes a time in the life of every kitchen when it just needs to be ripped out and a new one put in its place. Most homeowners know when it’s time, even if they wish to avoid it to be spared the expense.

While ordering a new kitchen is often the easy part once you get past decisions on cabinet styles, sizing and other issues, the appliances are perhaps the main area of influence for someone who’s not great with DIY. Seeing as the kitchen appliances must fit into the spaces provided for them in a new kitchen design and layout, these should be chosen first.

You can certainly muddle along with what you already own but consider whether it’s time for a new hob or a replacement dishwasher? It’ll be easier to design a new kitchen around their dimensions than find replacement appliances to fit into the spaces left for them later.

Flooring to Suit the Room

Flooring to Suit the Room
The trick with flooring is that it should contrast the colour scheme used with the walls, ceiling,and furnishings. This way, it provides some visual separation to clearly delineate the sides and corners of the room.

Certainly, hardwood floors are remaining popular with homeowners. These can be put in yourself, but it’s best to select the wood finish that you like and have some professionals to come in to fit it for you. Given that the new floor should be expected to last a decade or longer, viewing it as an investment in the property and not a temporary thing is sensible.

As well as new floors, you might wish to consider a floor rug. These take the chill off wooden floors in the colder months of the year. Laying your feet on a rug while sitting in an armchair or sofa is comfy compared to placing them on a hardwood surface. This provides a cleaner, healthier alternative to using carpeting everywhere, which tends to pick up bacteria, is difficult to get completely clean and is the second choice for most homeowners after wooden flooring.

Redecorating a home is a daunting prospect for any homeowner, but especially for someone with no special affinity for DIY tasks. Nevertheless, there are improvements and décor changes that can be made which don’t require becoming a dab hand with a saw or learning to paint with a roller. So, don’t despair.

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