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5 Tips Organize Your Kitchen & Get More Space in 2019

Are you looking for quick and easy ideas to keep your kitchen organized? Then you are just in the right place to look for the solutions to look for the solutions. We have come up with some spectacular easy tips which you can use to make your kitchen more spacious and organized.

We all have that problem of ending up with a messy and overcrowded kitchen top where it becomes almost impossible to work or prep for meals. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the household contains the largest number of appliances, utensils, tools and so much more stuffs that it is pretty usual to become over materialized. But there are tricks which can be used to reduce that mess so that you can work with ease. After all, a clean kitchen means better cooking efficiency.
Here are a few great tips to keep your kitchen organized.

1.Accumulate all your measuring spoons in one single jar beside the stove

Accumulate all your measuring spoons in one single jar beside the stove

Let’s get honest, we can all relate to the measuring spoons laying around in several different drawers in the kitchen and then while we need it, we can’t find it. But this tip is a complete lifesaver. Accumulate all your measuring spoons in a place and put them in a single jar beside your stove. That way, it will all be in one place easy for you to find an easily accessible while you need them. Plus, it looks super cute and makes your kitchen look organized.

2.Use transparent lidded jars to organize the junk drawers.

Use transparent lidded jars to organize the junk drawers.
The junk drawers are all the miscellaneous and random stuff like rubber bands, strings and twists and ties remain. But it is always a challenge to find one particular thing out of the entire pile for it all end up in a huge mess inside the kitchen drawers. So it is a great idea to keep transparent lidded jars in the drawers. You can fill each jar up with the similar class of items and put them in the drawers. This way you can easily find whatever you are looking for through the see-through lids and organize the mess. Drawer play very important role in organizing the things in the kitchen, along with organizing things, you can also give a beautiful look to the drawer by using beautiful and unique handles. Here you can look for drawer handles hacks, it will help you to give a beautiful look to the Kitchen.

3.Attach magnets on the wrap dispensers

This is a great tip to save up space in the drawers and cabinets. Just attach magnets on the inner part of plastic wrap dispensers and paper boxes so that you can attach them on the sides of your refrigerators or fridge. It is a great way to reduce the mess around the kitchen and keep it organized.

4.Attach whiteboard to the refrigerator

Attach whiteboard to the refrigerator
This is a true and most ingenious idea that everyone should be using. Try hanging a whiteboard to the refrigerator and use it as a reminder of what is there in your freezer. Whenever you put something in the freezer you can add it to the list on the whiteboard. This way you won’t end up keeping notes here and there and always have an idea of what you have got in the home supplies and what you need to get.

5.Keep your baking sheets in cardboard tubes

Keep your baking sheets in cardboard tubes
Cardboard tubes are always available around the house and a great tool for storing kitchen items. SIlicone baking sheets take up a lot of space if kept in a drawer. Just roll the sheets up together and put them in cardboard tubes. This saves up a lot of space and looks cute as well.


Keeping an organized kitchen is the core of working comfortably in the kitchen without any hazard. Plus, these tips will help you make space in your kitchen and give it a neat and clean appearance as well. Try these out and you will be amazed at how easily you can manage the kitchen and work with ease.

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