5 Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss


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Cardio Exercises

No one likes pounds of fat just hanging with our skin for no reason. If you have fat and are overweight, chances are you have thought about losing weight and getting in that skinny and smart shape you have been rooting for too long. Well, the first step to losing weight is determination, because losing weight needs consistent effort and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you are determined and serious about it, then let’s talk about the ways to lose weight.

There are plenty of ways out there available to you for losing weight. Some are usual like dieting and workouts, others are planned nutrient intakes, while some are serious ways like surgeries for losing fat. All these methods have their advantages and effects. Some need you to sweat a lot and give a lot of your time, while others are swift and don’t need much time but they can bring serious consequences to health.

If you don’t mind sweat and putting time and effort, the best way to lose weight is through weight loss exercises and cardio workouts. Not only these workouts will make you lose weight, they are incredibly beneficial to your health and lifestyle. So, without further ado, we present you with best cardio exercises for losing weight.

Cardio Exercises


If you aren’t used to workouts, walking should be the ice breaker for you. The beauty of walking is anyone can do it. It is rather slow in losing weight but it is very beneficial in keeping you healthy and after some experience in walking, you can move on to other good exercises like running and cycling. Walking improves your bone strength. It is also very good for your mental health and freshens you emotionally.

2.Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope
This exercise is very famous among professional boxers because it has several benefits. It is very efficient for weight loss, plus it strengthens your muscles and improves bone density. And the best thing about it is you don’t need any special equipment for it. Don’t feel like going out? You can do it in your room. All you need is a rope. That’s all it requires to have a great cardio exercise.


Cycling is another great cardio for your body. Done enough and regularly, it helps in losing a great deal of fat from your body. Outdoor cycling is not only a great cardio, but it is fun too. And because of that, cycling can be a workout for all those who hate exercises. but, if you prefer to stay indoors, you can try indoor cycling which is a great cardio machine. It also comes with many configuration options so you can use it according to your liking.


Now this is some serious cardio workout. It is a full body exercise which requires you to use stretch many of your body muscles. It is very efficient in making you lose your body fat and getting you in that shape you have been wanting for so long. Many people are unaware of the rowing machine workout simply because they don’t know how to use it.

5.Stair Running

Stair Running
As the name suggests, this workout is climbing up and down the stairs. It burns a great deal of calories and helps in losing weight. If you are new to it, it can be exhaustive at first. but, with consistency and determination, not only it will become easy and fun, it will also helping in having a sound mind and a sound body.

All these workouts are pretty good in losing fat and weight but all of them require consistency and effort. Without it, these workouts will not be effective and probably just a waste of time.

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