Best Lawn Mower Brands – 5 Industry Leading Companies

A lawn mower is something which you will use regularly and so you will want to ensure that you have a good one, one which is not only capable of cutting your lawn but one which is hoped to be the most reliable. The type of lawn mower we choose will often depend on the size and types of lawn we have but for some of us financial restrictions on our budgets may result in us not perhaps getting our first choice due to its price. We should not however consider just getting the cheapest as that can work out more expensive in the long term. We should therefore first decide on the type of mower we want, push, self-propelled or tractor and then look at the different options and prices available.

As most properties have lawns of one type or another, there are many different types, models and brands of mower to choose from and so as you will be using yours regularly, a little time should be spent considering which would prove to be the best buy for you. There are of course well-known brand names and often they can be the most dependable but unfortunately, the better known brands usually come with a higher price tag. It may be cost effective though to opt for a well-known brand as today, many new brands are appearing that, in order to be competitive and keeping their cost down, are substantially inferior and will often need replacing far sooner.
Lawn Mower

Here are some of the better known brands which can usually be depended on to have their best riding lawn mowers to a constant standard, making them a competitive choice.

Honda Motor Company, Ltd

Japanese Company Honda, although may be best known for their cars and motor cycles, they also make lawn mowers with engines. As far as buying a mower with an engine is concerned, this means that Honda must be a serious contender as they are the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, making over 14 million every year.


Toro is an American manufacturer that has been in business since 1914. Today it makes mowers which are sold under different brand names depending on location and types of mower. Commercial mowers are sold under the brand name eXmark, mowers in the UK under the brand name Hayter and Lawn Boy in the States.

Husqvarna Group

A Swedish company, Husqvarna was among the first manufacturers to test mowers with an engine as far back as 1945 and more recently were among the first to make robotic mowers in 1995 although sales of these did not really start until 15 years later. As well as making mowers under their own name, they also make under them for other companies like Sears when their model numbers will usually start with “917”.


Once controlled by Sears, Craftsman is now controlled by Stanley Black & Decker who are also well-known for their tools and garden equipment. Craftsman tools have been on sale since 1927 and have fostered the principle “good, better, best” for the pricing of their tools. Whilst other names may be used for “good”, “Craftsman” tools are considered better whilst “Craftsman Professional” tools are considered the best.

Troy-Bilt is another well recognized brand for outdoor power equipment, as is Cub Cadet, if you are considering a ride-on mower.

These tips are given by Lawn Mower Technical Expert from Lawn Habits blog

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