Things to Consider When Choosing Designer Rugs

A rug is a simple and effective way to update an interior. A good quality and well designed rug can really transform a room. But it can be tricky business trying to find a fitting rug for your interior. Rugs can be used cleverly to section off a space as well as add visual and textural interest to the space. Between the minimalist grey rugs, boho patterns and shaggy textures, there’s plenty to choose from! Here are a few things to consider when choosing designer floor rugs.

Size of Space vs Size of Rug

Size of Space vs Size of Rug

A good rule of thumb is to know the measurements of the room in question. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of eyeballing whether a rug will fit comfortably within the confines of the space. The size of the space will largely determine the size of the rug. Too big of a rug can make a space feel much smaller whereas a rug that is too small will seem odd and out of place within the room. Proportion and balance are key: a rug should be big enough to cover the seating area with a healthy amount of excess on the sides. The same applies for bedrooms and dining rooms. The idea is that feet would be touching the rug fabric when seated.

Purpose of the Space

Will the space be a high traffic space with continuous use? Are there pets or children? The use of the space affects cleaning and maintenance of the rug. A busier space susceptible to spills and scratches like a living room will benefit from a more durable rug whereas a low traffic space like a bedroom, for instance can be spruce up with luxurious plush materials. High quality rugs will need to be regularly and professionally cleaned, even more so if it is made of natural materials as they can absorb smells if not properly cared for.

Style of Decor

Style of Decor
It is said to start from the floor up when designing an interior. Selecting a rug first and basing the rest of the decor around it can be simpler than trying to fit a rug into an already populated space. A rug in a dark neutral colour such as the morrison weave in dark grey by tribe home or one with a subtle pattern like hc monte design black grey by tribe home will suit most home decorations. More adventurous homeowners can opt for colourful patterned rugs like odetta design in grey by Amigos de Hoy or even the Bowie Rug by Collective Sol to spice up their rooms. Matching decorative elements to the colour scheme will help unify and consolidate all the elements in the room.

Nowadays with online platforms, purchasing designer rugs online is just a click away. Browse a wide selection of designer rugs and other home decoration items at Cranmore Home and decorate your home today.

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