An Exclusive First Look at Damien Hirst Suite

Have you been to Las Vegas yet? If not, don’t forget to have it in your itinerary soon – it’s one place you cannot miss!

The Empathy Suite in Las Vegas Strip is the talk of the town. It is officially the most expensive hotel suite in the world. The price for a night is at $100,000 while for the whole weekend is at $200,000. The suite was unveiled on March 1, 2019. It has topped the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson which goes for $80,000 a night. The Mark Hotel is the third most expensive hotel which goes for $75,000. So why is the Empathy Suite so expensive?
Damien Hirst Suite

Artisan Damien Hirst: All You Need to Know

If you love artisan Damien Hirst, then you are in for a treat of his best designs so far. Earlier this year the Palm Springs was put under a $690 million renovation. It was the home to MTV’s 12th season of the Real World. Hirst was given the mandate to revamp the two master bedroom, salt relaxation room, and the jacuzzi. The empathy suite includes six of his famous art pieces such as the sharks in formaldehyde hung by the door, the colorful dots which run by the jacuzzi, and the pillboxes on the hallway wallpaper.

There is also a Hirst Skull which is designed into the wall of the salt spa and a taxidermy Marlin. Hirst is famous for his contemporary art pieces. He first featured his artwork in the ’80s and grew famous because of preserving animals in formaldehyde. During the summer of 2017 his art paraphernalia was filled in two art museums in Venice; Punta Della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi. Billionaire François Pinault founds art museums.
Artisan Damien Hirst
Guests who check in at the Empathy suite are in for a treat. They are entitled to 24-hour butler service, a private tour of the Palm Springs and a $10,000 credit card which they can use during their stay at the hotel. Both the two master bedrooms have California King size beds which overlook the lower level suite. The bathrooms are entirely accented with Hirst handiwork. The suite also has a game room, a dining set which can accommodate eight people, a media room and a gym.

In 2012 the Empathy Suite, which was formerly known as the High Hefner suite, was ranked as the fifth most expensive hotel suite. However, since Hirst did the renovations, the prices have gone up by $60,000, and it is now at No.1. The Empathy Suite is located at the Fantasy Tower, which is one of the three Palm Springs towers. However, it was not the Empathy suite which was solely renovated but all the Palm Springs sky villas. The hotel has three towers which have a total of 1200 rooms, a casino, a concert theatre, and restaurants. The other suites range between $25,000 and $50,000 per night. The Ferrita Brothers Currently own the hotel strip in Las Vegas.

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