6 Must Have Essentials For Your Wedding Venues

Getting hitched soon? Congratulations to you! Upon getting engaged the very first thing that strikes a couples mind is booking of the wedding venue. A wedding venue serves as a host to various wedding ceremonies like haldi, sangeet, mehendi to the main day ceremonies. It’s the dream of every couple to get married in a mystical location offering a picturesque view with a fairytale setting. The choice of available wedding venues makes the selection of the right one a dainty task.

It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for a traditional Indian wedding or minimalist one the selection of the wedding venue matters the most as it lays the foundation of your wedding. The choice of a wedding venue depends on a few factors like expected guest footfall, wedding style, wedding theme and most importantly the budget.

Wedding is once in a lifetime occasion. No matter wherever you are getting married the right selection of a wedding venue is what can level up your wedding game adding more charm and beauty to it. Every couple seeks for the wedding venues in Kolkata, Mumbai or wherever they plan to ties the knot. However, one of the frequently asked questions by couples is how do I find the ideal wedding venue? What makes a wedding venue perfect? The amenities and services offered by a wedding venue is what make it a perfect venue choice. Here are a few essentials that a wedding venue must have. Take a look.

1. Large Floor Plan

Large Floor Plan

Trust us nothing is worse than being stuck in a cramped wedding venue buzzing with people. Such a venue is sure enough to make you feel claustrophobic. An ideal wedding venue should offer breathable amount of space to the guests and the couple. If you’re planning for a destination wedding wherein you’re expecting a massive footfall of guests, then you need to select a wedding venue with a large floor plan. You can close off the extra area with the insertion of room dividers, placement of tables, flower or balloon sculptures or perhaps a photo booth.

2. Audio and Visual Equipment

A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without music and dance. Music is the elixir of life for an Indian wedding. An ideal wedding venue should have good audio and music equipment; it should have the capacity to play both audio and video files. Also while selecting a wedding venue to save your time check whether they have a wired setup for live bands that would play at your reception.

3. Adjustable Lighting

Adjustable Lighting
Lighting is what enhances the beauty of an Indian wedding. Lighting is what adds uniqueness to a wedding by emphasizing the décor. Adjustable low light setting of disco lights work best for the sangeet and dancing whereas bright lights work best for reception and photo sessions. A combination of both the lighting is what adds uniqueness and sets the mood right for the wedding.

4. Picturesque Backdrop

A wedding venue should offer a picturesque backdrop to get the right wedding pictures clicked. For a traditional wedding a formal aesthetical backdrop like one of architectural importance works the best.

A venue backdrop is what makes the wedding photographs timeless. It is advisable to look for a venue that has chandeliers, large airy windows so as to save a few bucks on the decoration cost.

5. Preparation Room

Preparation Room
Just like a movie set where there is greenroom for the artists to get ready. Similarly a wedding venue should have a preparation room where the bride, groom and their guests can get ready. An ideal venue apart from the dining room needs to have a preparation room as an essential amenity.

6. Power Backup

Imagine being stuck in the dark after a power cut at wedding, sounds terrible, right! You would not want that to happen at your wedding which is why it is advisable to book a wedding venue which has power backup. Although at a wedding you need to have additional power sources but in case your power sources fail you need to have a backup. That is the time when a weddings venues power sources comes to aid.

A wedding venue is the place where you embark on your journey of togetherness. Have you found your dream venue yet? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding venue decoration plans.

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