4 Home Skirting Tips You Must Know

Whether you are using manufactured home skirting or DIY options, there are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve better results with your skirting strategies. The foundation of the home is exposed to a number of unfavorable elements, freezing water, for instance, can seep into the home and make it uncomfortable for you to live in, even your water pipes can become too frozen and gets damaged. Here are some skirting tips and ideas you may want to consider;

Use Vacuuming and Disinfectant Wipes to Keep Skirting Boards Clean

Use Vacuuming and Disinfectant Wipes to Keep Skirting Boards Clean


If you don’t want to get your hands dirty cleaning skirting boards, then you should make use of the scam vacuum attachment that can penetrate through the grooves and suck up the dust. You can also make use of disinfectant wipes to eliminate those grimes and spills through the use of elbow grease that can wipe down the skirting boards. These disinfectant wipes also make the home smell better.

Always Join Components before Fixing Wall Pieces

When fixing your skirting boards, make sure you glue and pin the mitre joints together with the veneer or the panel pins with lots of wood glue before you fix those two pieces to the wall. Once the pieces are fixed together, you can screw and nail the boards to the wall. You can also punch the nails under the surface before sanding off the remaining pencil lines.

Always Find the Best Place to Start Off When Cutting the First Skirting Board

When walking through the door, you will likely see the back wall first, hence you should consider cutting the back of the skirting board first and tightly against the two walls on either side. You can then move around the right-hand side because the length of the skirting there is longer than the left side. Your scribe cuts must be positioned so they will be less likely to be seen. Make sure you avoid having scribes on both ends of the board.
Always Find the Best Place to Start Off When Cutting the First Skirting Board

Back Vinyl Skirting with Foam

The Vinyl Skirting is one of the commonest manufactured home skirting options you can consider for mobile and non-mobile homes. Though it is less durable than many other skirting options, it is inexpensive and comes with low maintenance. Vinyl also comes with an advantage that it can be found in varying colors which means you can choose the ones that match your exterior color. In order to enhance the longevity of Vinyl skirting and its insulation capabilities, you must consider backing it with foam.


It is important to choose the right type of skirting for your home, regardless of whether it is mobile or stationary home. Doing this will ensure the longevity of the skirting and its desired effects. The foam, Wood, Concrete and Bricks, for instance, are great options but you may want to consider the metal skirting because it is one of the most durable and it is waterproof as well. Choose the skirting that can resist adverse weather conditions in your area.

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