Choose the Perfect Bed to Complete Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe haven. Your place of rest, tranquility and peace. So, it is important to have a bedroom that not only reflects your personality, but encapsulates style and comfort. Decorating your room is a key step in making sure that your bedroom is not only the place that you can rest your head, but that you can rest and recharge in this busy lifestyle.

There are a number of elements that you need to consider when creating the perfect bedroom. The size, colour, lighting and layout are naturally the foundations of the room. Thereafter, you need to add the furnishings, bed, mirrors, lamps, carpeting and wall hangings to add to it. So if you’re planning to decorate your bedroom, these shabby chic dressing tables, would work perfectly

Our recommendation is to start at the bed and work around that. The bed is, afterall, the centerpiece of your room. The size of your room will determine your choice in bed, and thereafter, you can choose a bed based on your personal choice. So, let’s take a look at the different types of beds that you can pick from to create your perfect bedroom.

Standard Base and Mattress

This is the most common type of bed found in homes. The base and mattress is one of the more affordable options and can be adaptable depending on your needs. Not only can you pick the size that will fit into your room (and for your personal needs) but you can pick you base.

Whether you need a base that goes all the way to the floor or a slightly lifted base so that you can store items under the bed, you can choose what fits your needs. Choosing the right size; single, double, queen, king or double king, is also easier, as you are not constricted to the size of your platform or sleigh bed. With this type of bed, more focus can be shifted onto the type of mattress and you can spend money on the best mattress money can buy.

Platform Bed

Platform Bed

The next option of bed for your room is a platform bed. This is a mattress on a raised frame held by wooden slats. The frame has space under the bed for storage if you need it and assists with the ventilation of the mattress which keeps the mattress fresher for longer.

Platform beds are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. They are hollow underneath which gives the illusion of height and space which opens the room up a bit more. You can install downlighters above the bed to open the room up even more. If space is not your prerogative, it acts as a great storage space if you have storage problems.

Sleigh Bed

If you think of a sleigh bed futon bed, you usually picture a huge bed standing in the middle of a luxurious room. A sleigh bed is traditionally a large wooden frame with curved or scrolled headboards and footers to give off a sophisticated demeanour. Sleigh beds are more often that not made for double mattresses and up, but some can be made for single or three quarter mattresses for a princess look.

This kind of bed is perfect for a large room and is the focal point of the room. You will need to decorate your room around the bed, so choose the frame wisely. Not only will you have to match the side tables and dressing table with the base, you will need to ensure that the chosen bedding also accentuates the bed.

Futon Bed

Futon Bed
The futon bed is derived from Japanese origins. Traditionally, it is a simple mattress that lies on the floor, a duvet or comforter and a pillow. Over the years and as the futon was introduced into the West, the futon as evolved into a more permanent design. It now usually includes a simple frame that is raised a bit off the floor and a mattress on top of that.

Futons can either be chosen for the smaller room and studio apartments, or to add to the aesthetics of the room. A themed bedroom is usually the main reason why people opt for a futon, either bringing in a traditional Japanese theme, a splash of bohemian or a simple minimalist look.

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed has been designed for those who are living in small spaces with not much room to waste on a bulky bed. This type of bed can be lifted and stored away in its frame so that the space can be utilized for other living purposes.
Murphy Bed
Quality mattresses can be added to Murphy beds, you will simply need to know the diameters of the storage space and limit the amount of bedding you add to the bed. As technology has improved, so has the design of the bed. It has become more and more easier to lift up the bed and safely lock it away to open up the space.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right bed for your room could be the element that brings your entire room together. A bed as a centerpiece for the room is the easiest way to display your personality and sense of style. Choosing a mattress for the bed is a whole different process though. Mattresses are vital for your comfort, health and sleep, so choosing one needs a lot of time, research and decision. Make sure that the mattress that you are placing on your bed is the perfect fit for you and you won’t need to worry about your night sleep again.

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