Advice on Creating a Memorable Sign for Your Business

As a business, a business sign is one of the tools that are essential in your branding and marketing. The signs will help you when it comes to branding, customer acquisition, sales, and other messaging. A good or bad sign can either break or make your business. This is why it’s important to determine the right sign for your business. If you want to grab your customer’s attention, a good and well-designed sign is the best choice. How you design it can have a significant influence on your business and improve your ability as a company or business to acquire new customers. 

It doesn’t matter the type of sign that you want to use, whether it’s the main front door to window graphics, to be used on exhibition stands, POS displays you need to ensure that it’s of a high standard that reflects positively on your brand. Here’s some advice on creating a memorable sign for your business.

The right colors & color combination

Most signages are small in size and choosing the right colors will help customers notice your brand quickly. A color like red is spotted fast and is visible from far. When picking colors, you need to choose compelling colors that complement the design. The right color will help to convey your brand’s identity to your customers.

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Some businesses prefer using trendy colors to convey their personality, but if possible, try avoiding trendy colors which might be trendy at one time and not the next minute. Their longevity is limited and you might have to redesign your signage every time the color isn’t trending anymore, which is not only confusing to customers but also costly. The best is to choose a design and color combination of visible colors that define your brand.

Use a simple design

Your business sign needs to be readable from a distance and too many elements will make it look cluttered. Avoid using many different elements in one sign, for example, combining a picture; social media handles like Facebook or Twitter, and your company’s slogan in one sign. Instead, limit it to fewer elements that are less distracting to the eye.

First, identify the minimum elements that must be included and limit your design to these ensuring that each element is not only visible but also clear and distinct. Each element must match harmoniously with the other with blending colors, font styles and concepts. Then try to put yourself in the shoes of someone looking at your sign to determine if it makes sense to them.

Overall size

The size of your sign is an important aspect of branding and marketing in any business. Larger letters are easier to read, especially if you’re creating a roadside signage or one for the display it should be visible at a distance.

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Contrast for readability 

Many businesses have business signs and because of this, the competition between you and them for customer’s attention is high. The sign must reach the audience so always pair the right colors and contrast for readability. For a business sign to be readable, it must have high contrast and be visible to the audience from a long distance. Using larger letters is the best way to highlight the letters and wordings on your sign. You can either include text or graphics in the foreground and continuous background color which will create a contrast between the two making your sign stand out.

Involve a professional

Business signs have to be physically printed before they are used. This means that you must get the image resolutions, color settings, and design right for your sign to look appealing. You need a professional designer to get the job right. Get in touch with a business sign company to get the best professional advice and a quote for the job. You can also discuss the project with them in detail to enable you to decide on the design and applicable technical requirements to use.

Choose the right spot

Ensure that you place your sign in a position where it can be read easily and not at a point where people cannot see it. The location should be a place where most people can easily see it, for example, at the door or on a road with high traffic. For instance, a conspicuously placed and well-designed billboard can capture the attention of those who pass by no matter the time of day.

An attractive sign that is strategically placed attracts a huge audience and most people stop to take a look at it. Some people remember the sign and others go the extra mile and even make a purchase which is a big step in your brand marketing so always create the best to increase the public’s awareness of you.

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