5 Tips for Cutting Down on Alcohol During the Holidays

Many people struggle with alcoholism and do not know what to do to limit their intake of alcohol. It may not be easy to stop drinking all of a sudden. However, one can reduce the amounts of alcohol they consume regularly. This should be a good way to improve your health and also make your life bearable. Some people enjoy taking alcohol and do not want to lose that pleasure. However, they get addicted and this is not a good thing. You can click here to learn how to either stop alcohol consumption altogether or how to reduce the intake.

Here are 5 tips to help you cut down on alcohol consumption during the holidays:

1. Monitor your intake

You can make a drink diary to help you monitor the amounts of alcohol you take daily. You can decide on the number of drinks that you can have regularly and stick to such an arrangement. You can review the amount of alcohol you have taken on a week by week basis and reduce the amount as needed. Monitoring your intake is a good way to help you reduce the intake of alcohol over the holidays.

cutting down on alcohol

2. Drink only at dinner

This is another good way to help you reduce the amounts of alcohol you take during the holiday and indeed all the time. You should not take alcohol when you just get home. Rather, you should wait until dinner is served. After dinner, you can take a drink and for sure this is a good way to cut on your drinking. The trick here is that when you take your drink during dinner, it slows down your intake. This is because you will already be full!

3. Don’t keep alcohol in the house

It is tempting to drink when you have access to alcohol all the time. Easy access to alcohol means all you have to do is open your fridge and start drinking. Make your house an alcohol-free zone. Always buy your drinks at the shop when you need to. This means you will only go to the shop when it is necessary. This can help you reduce the amounts of alcohol you take during the holidays.

cutting down on alcohol2

4. Pace your drinks

This is a good way to cut down on the amount of alcohol intake. Drink spacers such as water and non-alcoholic drinks can be a good spacer for your alcohol intake. What this means is that you can take breaks from drinking and take in water or a bottle of soda. Alternating alcohol with soft drinks means that you will not take too much alcohol and for sure this is a good strategy for the holiday season.

5. Avoid Your Triggers

Certain things encourage you to take alcohol. If you can avoid situations that lead you to drink, this can be a sure way of reducing alcohol intake. Are there people, places, or routines that lead you into alcohol intake? If you can avoid these triggers, you will be able to reduce your alcohol intake even during the holidays.

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