A Guide to Finding the Right Mirror for Your Home


Finding the Right Mirror for Your Home

Whether you need or just want a mirror for your home, there is a lot more to finding the right mirror than just heading to the shops to grab one. You can go the purely functional route but with so many options available (the list is truly endless), you can find a mirror that only shows you how great you look but looks great in the process.

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Where should your mirror go?

Are you looking for a mirror with a particular purpose in mind or are you just trying to find a way to add some zest to a room?  No matter what your goal is, when choosing a mirror for a room you need to think about a few things, including what a mirror can do to that particular space, as well as the types of mirrors that might work there – remember, some mirrors are designed with particular functions and features and might be out of place in some rooms. Let’s have a look at some of the rooms you might be working with:


This is the first peek of your home, a preview of your aesthetic and can offer a sense of welcoming and warmth.  A mirror in this area also serves a functional purpose in that you can make sure you’re ready to go on your way out the door. Choose a mirror for this space that matches the overall design and aesthetic of your home, this way it can offer a glimpse of what is to come.


One of the most popular rooms to enhance by adding a mirror, the beauty of having one in this room is that it doesn’t have to serve a functional purpose in the most traditional sense. A mirror in this room can be functional in other ways, such as creating an illusion of space and accentuating the natural light if placed in the right area.  For example, if your living room has windows that receive a lot of natural light, add a mirror perpendicular to the window and watch the light of the room enhance.

Mirrors in this room can also make certain areas a focal point or act as artwork for the room. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or mantelpiece in your living room, a mirror above can draw the eye to this area while enhancing a homely feeling.  Or if you have the wall space, a large statement piece, or multiple mirrors can lead the eye to that area.


Mirrors are the perfect way to capture the welcoming feeling that comes from a dining room.  With people gathering together to share a meal, there is a feeling of happiness and positivity in this space, and with the right mirror, this feeling can be harnessed and change the atmosphere for the best.  Mirrors in this space are also a simple way to decorate this area while also making it look bigger than it is.


Often mirrors in your bedroom will serve a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great as well.  A full-length mirror in this room can act as a statement piece, whether it’s on a stand, leaning or hanging on the wall, but it also serves the all important function of giving you a look at your full outfit. If you don’t have the wall space for a full-length mirror, you can also hang one on the back of the door, this way it can easily be used without impacting your space.  There are also Hollywood style mirrors for vanity dressers, with light bulbs around the edges, these mirrors are a true statement piece while also offering extra lighting if your room is on the darker side.


No bathroom is complete without a mirror.  The world of bathroom mirrors is where we have seen major technological advances in the mirror world. Mirrors with built-in lights, Smart mirrors that have screens built into them, and mirrors that have storage, are just some of the kinds of bathroom mirrors that exist. But the design of the mirror hasn’t been compromised by the advance in technology – these sorts of mirrors are available in all sorts of designs and shapes – meaning you will definitely find the right mirror that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Finding the Right Type of Mirror:

Finding the Right Type of Mirror

We now know some of the ways and places a mirror can be used, but how do we go about finding the right one?  Here are some tips on what to look for, and what to think about when looking for your next mirror.

Design and Aesthetic

With so many different types of mirrors available, you don’t need to compromise on style, however you need to have an idea on the style you are trying to enhance or create.  For example, modern homes often work well with simplistic mirrors, think large, square/rectangular with a slim frame. Or you may be looking for a mirror that will be the focal point of the room, if this is the case, don’t be afraid of elaborate frames, or unique shapes that can draw the eye.

You want the mirror to suit you and your home, so whether you want to add a rustic touch with a wooden frame, or an eccentric flair with a baroque style frame, there will be a mirror to suit any style.

Size Matters

There are benefits and drawbacks of both small and large mirrors. If a mirror is too small for the space, it can get lost and look out of place; alternatively, if your mirror is too large, it might impose on the space in the room, or look out of proportion. 

If you have fallen for a small mirror that might be a little too small for your space, hope is not lost! Small mirrors are a good option to include nestled in with other pieces you may already have, like artwork and photographs.  You can also group multiple small mirrors together because what’s better than one mirror?  Lots of mirrors.

Conversely, a large oversized mirror can work wonders for a room if you have the space for it. An oversized mirror could hang or the wall, or lean against it, and the style of your home can easily be incorporated in the frame.  An oversized mirror can act as a focal point, but also to enhance other areas of the room by reflecting features you love. It can also add light and make the room appear so much more spacious than you thought possible.

Measure Once, Measure twice, Measure Thrice

If your mirror is going to be placed above furniture in your home, or above a vanity in your bathroom, make sure you measure the area. You want your mirror to be in proportion and most importantly fit in that space.  Even if you have a blank canvas, empty wall to work with, you still need to measure.  Proportion is incredibly important.

Practice makes perfect

A great way to know whether a mirror is going to work in a space is to temporarily place one there.  The mirror you use doesn’t necessarily have to be the final one, but keeping a mirror in the place you’re considering for a few days, even a week, will give you a chance to see whether there is anything you haven’t noticed before; does it create glare, or shadows or reflect something you don’t want to see multiple times? If you don’t have access to a mirror you can also consider cutting a piece of paper to size to see whether it looks in proportion to the space.  Don’t be afraid to take your time and try a few different sizes and shapes before choosing your final mirror and placement.

Where to get your mirror:

So now you know where you can put a mirror, but did you know you don’t necessarily have to go down to the shops to find one?  Mirrors can be purchased online, and just like any online transaction there can be risks, but when you buy from a reputable retailer, such as Luxe Mirrors, you’ll be in safe hands and both you and your mirror will look their best.

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