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Everything You Need To Know About Boundary Surveys For Building Your New Home

Building your new home is one of the most exciting and satisfying projects to undertake but it is also one of the most demanding and stressful unless you make sure you get everything in order from the start. This begins with complete clarity on the plot of land you have bought or own, including boundary lines and corners. Getting a boundary survey in place will make sure that the land title you have bought is what you think it is in practice. Getting a land surveyor in Melbourne will also ensure that localised knowledge and expertise can be utilised to help forestall problems with zoning classification or boundary disputes. They will also be there to help you navigate one of the biggest life investment projects you are taking on board.

What does a boundary survey involve?

In practice, it is the accurate marking out of the boundary positions on the land by using marks or pegs to show where the true boundaries are, even if you have existing fence posts in place. A town planning consultant will also ensure that any existing structures are marked on the boundary certificate along the position of retaining walls. If you are looking to subdivide the plot either now or in the future, the survey will also take into account any zoning requirements which might not allow subdivision.

This ensures that any current fences in place are in the correct position, so if a neighbour has put up boundaries that encroach on your piece of land, this can be identified. The same is true if a shared or neighbouring driveway, shed or building had encroached onto your land. Having a land survey carried out before finalising the sale of any plot of land can identify these concerns before you make the final decision to purchase. If there are any easements or rights of way that could impact on what you are planning to build, your land surveyor will ensure you are made aware.


What other information will a boundary survey provide?

Property must be built on solid foundations and while you can visibly see and test the condition of the soil or land on the site you are buying, you also need to know what is going on underneath. A boundary survey will also detail any cabling or drainage pipes underneath the property. Not only do you need to gain access to power, water and drainage for household plumbing, but a utility company might want to use part of your land for upkeep of cabling or pipework. If this is going to be right under where you are planning to site your new house, then you need to know this before you begin any form of building work. Your construction team will certainly need to know where underground utilities are located so this is an important aspect of the boundary survey.

This will also help future proof any work you are considering doing in the future. If, at present, you are looking to build the home you can afford but have plans to add to this in a few years’ time, a boundary service can protect you from any future boundary disputes.

Can anyone carry out a boundary survey?

Even though you may think that measuring out a plot of land seems to be a simple exercise, a qualified and licensed surveyor must be used. They are trained not just in accuracy of measurements but also to survey the topography of the site, such as slopes or terracing. They also use details from the land registry offices to physically measure where old fence lines or survey marks were taken on previous surveys.


Often, the accuracy of older surveys is brought into question but with modern technologies and techniques, the surveyor can bring together all the past and present information and indicators in order to make a professional decision on the outline of the boundary of your land. If there was a dispute in the future, having a professional boundary survey by a licensed and experienced practitioner will help to protect your investment.

For peace of mind and an accurate plan of your piece of land, contact the professionals and start planning your grand design today.

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