5 Tips for Turning Your Garage Into an Amazing Space


Garage Into an Amazing Space

If you’re a homeowner that’s unsure of how to best utilize your garage space, you aren’t alone. Many people just use their garage to store their holiday decorations and park their cars, but a garage has so much more potential. These are some easy steps you can take to completely evolve your garage into a beautiful and functional space for you and your family.

Upgrade your Garage Door



The garage door is obviously the focal point of your garage. Old panels, springs, and rollers not only date your home’s exterior, but they also cause a noisy, unpleasant experience every time the garage door opens. If you’re seeking garage door repair or Garage Door Roller Replacement, Portland, Oregon based RW Garage Doors is an industry leader that has technicians and garage door repair pros with years of experience. From a broken spring to garage door installation, a professional technician can handle your entire garage door renovation project.


As a homeowner, the best way to improve your home’s exterior and curb appeal is to install a brand new garage door. Especially if you’re looking to reinvent your garage space, you’ll want silence whenever your garage door opens. If you’re not interested in replacing the entire door, replacing the garage door springs and purchasing a new garage door opener makes the process of opening your garage door quicker and quieter, in order to make your new home space more comfortable.

Make Some Extra Space

Many homeowners are guilty of letting garage clutter get away from them. We start by using our garages as extra storage space for our belongings, but before we know it a mountain of clutter takes over and there isn’t even room for the car anymore. The best way to make extra space for your garage makeover is to rent a self-storage unit. In order to find the right place to store your belongings, U.S. Storage Units size finder has a unit size guide and listings for self-storage facilities across the United States.



Storage facilities list their unit sizes, security features, and competitive prices so that you can easily compare the spaces and find the right unit for the best value. Different storage locations have varying rules and regulations. Be sure to contact the facility manager to ask if the storage facility allows 24-hour access to units, as well as if your storage unit will have humidity and climate control options. This way you will always have access to your belongings and know that they are safe from theft and damage.


Utilitizing every square inch of your storage unit means that you can completely clear out your garage, leaving you with the free space to reinvent your garage’s interior. Many storage units don’t require you to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment, so you can get a great price and only keep the storage unit for as long as you need. You should also take into account that with COVID-19, many facility managers may be implementing new safety features as well as offering discounts to bring in more business.

Give it a Deep Clean

Once you’ve cleared out all of the clutter, the next step is to clean the space so that you can truly start afresh. Pressure Washing is a great way to quickly and effectively clean out any grime, mold, and mildew on the garage floor or walls. If you’re wanting to convert your garage interior into some sort of living space, then you’ll want to make sure any flat surfaces are clean and free from hazards. Power washing the garage floor will also remove any stains or spills that may be toxic or make the floor slippery.

A full-service pressure washing service can also help you clean your roof, sidewalks, driveway, deck, porch, or patio— and even your patio furniture. As a homeowner, pressure washing is a necessary, but often unpleasant, task. By hiring a pressure washing service you can avoid lugging around the heavy equipment for power washing, and when they’re finished you’ll be amazed with the look of your home. They also handle downspout and roof cleaning. Clearing out the debris from your gutters and roof can be a dangerous task, so using a professional service with expert technicians will ensure your roof and gutter cleaning will go smoothly and safely.

Consider Adding Natural Lighting


One great way to open up a space is to increase the amount of natural light. If you want to upgrade your garage into a livable space, adding natural light does a great job of making the space feel warm and inviting. You can choose to put windows in your side door and garage door panels, or maybe even add a skylight. Either way, getting rid of the dark and stuffy feeling in your garage is a huge leap forwards in taking the space to the next level.

Make the Space Livable

A popular way to utilize an open home garage space is to convert it into some sort of living area. You can create a family room, rec room, or even a studio apartment to rent out. The options are pretty much limitless. Painting the walls, adding more electrical outlets, and purchasing cabinets and lockers can all make the space feel alive and make it more functional. You can find inspiration for your garage makeover all over the internet. Though you are likely going to need the help of a professional to complete the renovation.

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