9 Fantastic Ideas To Design A Dreamy Bedroom

There are so many different ideas to design a bedroom. In this article, you will find some fantastic ideas on how to create a dreamy bedroom that matches your personality and taste. You can use items from around the home, with a few added pieces that you want for your dreamy bedroom. 

There is no need to spend lots of money in order to create a bedroom that you will love, you just have to use your imagination.  You can use all of the ideas below to give your bedroom the level of comfort and style that you have always wanted.

Choose a Vibrant Color Scheme

The colors you choose are entirely up to your personal preference, however using a vibrant color scheme can create a room that is more inviting, warm, and brings out a sense of fun. When choosing a color scheme, make sure you choose two or three shades of the same color. If you are using dark colors to paint your bedroom, make sure they are different shades that complement each other. The main color should be the one that is included in many other elements within the room such as bedding etc.

Match Bedding and Lighting

Lighting is key for a cozy bedroom. You can match a customized bed with custom lighting to perfectly match the room’s aesthetic feel. using a customized headboard and lighting will surely add a special touch to your bedroom. Good bedding is the foundation of a great bedroom and will really pull your room together. 

Choosing a theme for bedding can help you to design the look you are going for and will also help to guide your color choices. It feels great to crawl into bed on a sunny day and snuggle up under the covers. Some things to consider for your custom beds are their size, material makeup, headboard, footboard, storage capabilities, the shape of mattress (including height), fabric pattern/print preference, or style of bedding desired. Making sure that the bed is the correct size for the room and for the user is very important.

Make It Texture-Rich

Though not visible, the texture gives a room depth and flavor. You can use life-like textures for walls or subtle patterns. Use textured fabrics for sofas. Oh yes, the floor should be just as special because it forms the base of your design. Use large, patterned rugs to make the floor come alive. Alternatively, you can use tiles that mimic a stone floor. The texture is a huge part of designing a bedroom. If the texture is not visible, it needs to be suggested using other methods from color or details from accessories and patterns. Texture makes the room feel more alive as if there’s actually something going on behind those bland walls.

Float Your Furniture

Another way to make your bedroom look bigger is by floating your furniture above the floor. The stark contrast between this and having everything on or close to the floor gives you a larger space feel for your bedroom. When your furniture is floating it is giving the illusion that your bedroom space is larger by making it look like there is more open space between the floor and furniture. It also makes the room arrangement feel more balanced and not too cluttered. This is a particularly great idea if you have a smaller bedroom where it seems there isn’t enough room for furniture in the floor plan.


Upholster the Walls

This is one of the most creative ideas for designing a dreamy bedroom. The upholstery looks amazing on walls and it also provides great insulation against noise, light, and temperature changes. The options are truly endless as you can literally upholster any wall with any fabric choice. Just make sure the wall is smooth and completely free of any obstructions, like pipes or vents. Upholstered walls are so luxurious, they create a warm and comfy bedroom that looks amazing. Wall upholstery is a great opportunity to experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures as they create an interesting visual appeal.

Carve Out a Reading Nook

If you are someone who enjoys reading before falling asleep, then carving out some space for a reading nook is a must. One of the best places to do this would be in front of your window – with the aid of your bedside lamp or another form of lighting. This creates a calm and serene mood while also giving you the opportunity to unwind before bed. You can also do this by the corner of your bedroom with a chair and small table, although some people like to do this in the comfort of their bed with a book stand. It all depends on the type of feel you want to create.

Use Vertical Space

Create within your bedroom a vertical space that’s designed for storage. Install shelving or cabinets to hold books, boxes, ornaments, and memorabilia. Try to avoid using free-standing furniture which takes up too much floor area, giving the feeling of being crowded out even if everything is put away neatly. By placing things vertically you can make maximum use of space in a small bedroom. It makes a room feel more spacious and airy. That’s why it works well for a nursery or child’s bedroom where floor space is limited. You can as well build a bed with drawers underneath to hold clothes and other items required within easy reach.

Lean a Mirror

Lean a large, floor-length mirror against the wall to create an illusion of depth. Mirrors are great for small rooms because they make the room appear larger than it is. In a room with no windows, they create the illusion of an outdoor view. When arranging your room, remember to keep your furniture away from the mirror. Try placing a desk directly on the other side of the room. It will create the illusion that there are two pieces of furniture. This also works well with bookcases and other types of furniture. It makes the room appear less crowded and creates a more open feeling and look.

Put Out Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are known to have a soothing effect on humans, so what better way to calm down at the end of a long day than by looking at beautiful flowers that never droop or wilt. Putting fresh flowers in your bedroom every day to make the room feel inviting, clean and refreshing is a wonderful way to infuse your bedroom with an inviting and calming scent. Make it part of your morning routine to pick out three or so flowers, cut off the bottom stems and place them in some water on your nightstand. Keep some napkins nearby if you prefer not to get water stains on your furniture or tablecloth.

These nine fantastic ideas can help you transform your room into a dreamy, sleep-inducing part of your home that you will love. So, don’t hesitate to give some of these ideas a trial. 

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