9 Things That Will Improve Your Mood When You Add Them To Your House

Your home is a place that you go to relax and unwind, and it is a place of calm, tranquility, and serenity (well normally). Whether you own your place or you are renting you will want to make it as homely as possible. When you add certain items and objects to your house you turn it into a home, and in the process, you uplift your mood too. When you are feeling good within your home your mentality and mindset change and you view life differently. When you view life differently you take a different approach to lots of things from relationships to work and health.

1. Getting Started

So then what should you be looking at doing to make your house the home you want it to be, you know that welcoming, loving, and accepting place that enhances your mood no matter how you start or finish the day. From Summer Flowers Canada to scented candles do you know just what you should be adding to spaces within your house and why? Adding items to your house over a period will allow you to see and most importantly feel the results.

2. Throws

Throws were often used in summer picnics when you could smell the summer flowers and watch the world go by, while also watching the flowers that bloom all summer or those farm fresh flowers that you put in a jar to tackle with you, just in case you ended up in a less than scenic spot. Throws can add warmth and coziness in winter which makes you feel relaxed and calms your mood right down, but in summer throws can also be used to brighten up spaces. Thinner throws are perfect for raping over an outdoor dining set and thicker throws are perfect for slouching over couches and comfy armchairs. When you use throws to give you comfort then enhance and soften the mood you are in.

3. Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and pillows are made for comfort and when you add them to your home you get the feeling of luxury and comfort no matter what room they are added to. Embroidered or statement cushions that feature summer flowers or farm-fresh flowers look lovely in garden rooms, conservatories, and kitchen diners. Whereas bolder and brighter statement cushions look lovely in bedrooms and sitting rooms. Of course, the colors, style, and themes you go for are personal to you, but if you try to mix it up a bit with regards to the shapes, sizes, and colors you use as well as mixing up the fabrics and textures then you will notice a massive difference to how your room feels. Layering cushions and pillows look and feel luxurious and sumptuous.

4. Scented Candles

When you are wanting to harness that scent of flowers that bloom all summer then you want to look at scented candles. Fragranced or scented candles that smell fresh and look beautiful change how a room looks and feels, and in turn this affects the mood you are in. Floral scents are calming and relaxing and they are perfect to be used in scented or fragranced candles that are used in every room in our house. They are especially beautiful when they are used to mask bad odors in the kitchen or bathroom, or when they are used to add freshness and warmth to the living room.

5. Flowers and Flower Arrangements

Beautiful summer flowers and farm-fresh flowers look lovely in any home, whether you have a big old country house, or you have a sleek city apartment. Flowers help you feel close to nature, and when you feature them within your home, especially when those long summer nights arrive, you feel like summer will last forever and that flowers that bloom all summer will prolong this feeling and this moment. From big and beautiful arrangements featuring irises and lilies to small little jars filled with lavenders or daisies the effect and the result you get from flowers is universal. When looking at flowers or floral arrangements it is important to try and get flowers that you love looking at just as much as smell. It is so easy to buy flowers based on what they smell like and not consider what they will look like when they are displayed within your home. How they look is important as you want them to stand out but you also want them to feature colors that are used throughout your room. Using standout colors might be OK in some rooms of your house but you must get flowers that suit each room rather than just try and use the one-size approach that fits all.

6. Ambient Lighting

How you light the rooms and spaces within your home is important. Harsh, bright lighting can leave you feeling dazzled and overwhelmed whereas softer, warmer lighting can leave you feeling warm, relaxed, and in a really good mood. As the lighting sets the tone and ambiance for your whole home you must make sure that it is good quality, safe, and easy to use. Some poor lighting can have adverse effects so don’t go cheap, and don’t settle for any less than the best that you can afford. When it comes to buying lights try to mix and match styles where you can. For example, a large central ceiling light will produce light that bounces around the room whereas sidelights, wall lights, and up-lighters will just light up a specific area or space. Thinking about how you want your space to look and feel will allow you to get everything looking and feeling just as you want it to.


7. Drapes and Window Finishings

Your windows let in the light and they enhance every space. Whether you have one window in a room or you have several you will want to ensure that they are suitably dressed. If you do not have anything up at your windows, or you have poor and ill-fitted window dressings then you will quickly see that these will affect your feelings and your moods. If everyone can see you through your windows then you will feel like you have no place to escape to, so take time now to get the right window finishings and drapes. Think about possibly introducing shutters too as these can make rooms feel cool, relaxed, and calm, and when a room looks and feels calm you will find it easier to relax and unwind too.


8. Oil Burners

Just as lighting and scents matter, so do the vessels used. Burning oil is specially made oil burners that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, especially when you can just lose a bit of time watching the wax melts burning down and disappearing. You can get oil burners that match the style and themes so think about what you want. Do you want a burner that looks like a piece of artwork, or do you want something that is more like a statement piece, or a standout piece? As oil burners can burn a variety of fragrances it is important to think about what scents and fragrances you want to burn. For example, if you have had a long day working, or out of the house you may want to burn some lavender to calm and relax you. If you are feeling a little low or down then you need to introduce mood-enhancing scents that are warming and soothing such as cotton, linen, and ginger.

9. Rugs

Whether you have wooden floors, tiled floors, or carpets you could always benefit from adding a few rugs. Rugs make floors feel cozy and comfortable, and after a long day, there is nothing better than sinking your feet into a thick piled rug. Bright rugs can warm up a room and can warm up your mood even after a tough day. As rugs can help keep the warmth in on those cooler days you can also feel a bit more upbeat just by adding a rug to your space or room. Adding unique shaped or styled rugs will give your house a homely feel. As there is such a huge choice of rugs on offer then there is no chance of you not being able to find a rug to suit you and lift your mood.

It is truly amazing the impact your house can have on you, it is your castle, your home, and your sanctuary and should be treated as just. Make sure everything within our home is just as you want it to be. Create a house that improves your mood when you enter. Having rooms that reflect your style and individuality is important as no two people are the same so why should houses be decorated the same. When your home is a happy place to be and when it is filled with love, compassion, memories, and all-around good times then you can relax and take it easy because these memories and events will help you get through the tough and rough days that might be ahead of you.

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