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8 Signs You Need to Trim Your Trees

It’s easy to overlook the value of trees. However, trees can increase the value of your property and give it a great aesthetic appeal. Trees increase the beauty of your backyard, offer shade, and can also be used as playing spots. And that’s why Proscapes & Tree recommend that you perform maintenance of your trees by trimming them.

Trimming your trees offers several benefits. You improve the beauty of your backyard, protect the trees from diseases, and increase your family’s safety. However, before you even consider trimming your trees, you need to know signs to look out for before you trim your trees.

1. Your Trees Are Overgrown

Not every tree in your backyard will require trimming because it’s unhealthy. Sometimes, your trees might grow to levels that might become unmanageable. Overgrown trees are usually not aesthetically pleasing. They can also damage your fence, your property and pose serious security risks if they interfere with power lines. Furthermore, these large trees can form a canopy leading to poor growth for other plants and smaller trees in your backyard because of lack of sunlight.

2. Your Tree Is Diseased

You may be aware that almost all living things are affected by diseases. But, while you rarely hear people talk about tree diseases, it doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Several different types of diseases affect trees. In addition, the type of disease affecting trees depends on the trees’ environment and species.

Fungal diseases are the most common type of tree disease. However, bacterial and viral infections can also occur. While some of these diseases don’t kill the tree entirely, they can lead to deadwood, where some branches die, making them hazardous as they can fall at any time. Trimming helps eradicate dead or diseased branches, removing the risk of falling by themselves unpredictably.

3. Your Tree Is Deformed

Every once in a while, you see trees that grow weirdly. As the tree grows, it usually appears distorted or crooked. For example, the stem of the tree could bend or curve for some reason. It might curve as it grows to position itself in the optimal place to get sunlight. 

It is important to know that deformity starts when the tree is young. And it’s during this period when you should consider correcting the deformity by trimming the tree. When trimmed at a young age, the tree gets the opportunity to grow in an upright manner.

4. Your Tree Has Weak Branches

The reality is, in the wild, only the strong survive. The same can be applied to your tree. If you want your tree to continue being healthy and growing strong, you must get rid of any weak parts. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for weak branches. 

Trimming off the weak branches will allow the tree to redirect the nutrients from the weak branch to the healthy branches.

5. Your Trees Need to Be Trained

Did you know that you can train trees? Have you ever noticed trees growing in a certain pattern that you did not think possible? It only happens when the tree’s owners regularly trim the trees. 

In most cases, when you decide to trim trees to train them, the main goal is to increase the aesthetic appeal of your trees.

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6. To Increase Flower and Fruit Production

Some people grow fruit trees in their yard. Sadly if not properly maintained, it will produce less fruit. For example, very tall trees often produce less fruit or difficult to get said fruits as they are too high up the tree.  When your tree grows many branches, its production of fruits and flowers reduces. However, you can increase fruit production by trimming developing branches which redirects nutrients to the larger branches.

Flowers also appear on new branches. So, regularly trimming off old branches ensures that more flowers will blossom when new branches appear.

7. To Improve the View of Your Scenery

If you no longer have a view of your local area’s scenery, then it’s time to prune your trees. It’s also a sign that they are overgrown. When trees become overgrown and block your view of the local surroundings, they can isolate you from open nature.

8. To Increase the Amount of Light Streaming into Your Home

If you allow your tree to go for a long time without regular trimming, then the large branches will prevent sunlight from streaming into your home. Therefore, your home will become darker, duller, and colder. If this has happened to your home, then it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a good old-fashioned trimming. 

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