My dog keeps tugging its leash!

You find the sun isn’t too hot, and the wind blows a refreshing breeze; along the neighborhood, the park, or even at the beachit’s a perfect day for a stroll so you decide to take your best friend out on a walk. 

Relaxing walks like these are hard to come by, where the dog owner enjoys the moment as much as his/her beloved companion does. However—

You’d like to take your time and admire the picturesque scenery, but your dog rushes forward wanting to catch a fluttering butterflywhen the level of excitement between the owner and his dog doesn’t match, relaxation comes to an end.

Avoid the whiplash

Why not use mybestbark for dog leashs? They have a variety of retractable dog leashes and they’re available for any dog size. No need to worry about getting pulled along the whims of your mischievous pet, or risk breaking your leash linker and having to exasperate yourself chasing the rascal all over the place. 

Retractable Leashes

Using retractable leashes permits a wider range of motion for your dog. It allows them to freely engage in exploring the area, sniffing, and playing— overall increasing the experience of the walk while keeping the owner’s steady pace. When time comes to end the walk and your pet doesn’t listen, a single push of a button is all it takes to shorten the leash and give you back control.

Now, here are a couple of things to keep in mind when using retractable leashes.

  • When you’re using a retractable leash in the city, you should keep it shorter and make sure to keep your dog on the sidewalk, away from moving vehicles. 
  • If you were at any place where you’d allow for the leash to extend to its entire length, be wary of your pet lunging at other people, pets, or even other animals. 
  • Be sure to also pay attention to your dog. Feeling the occasional tug on your leash doesn’t mean you can just let your pet be on their own. 

Retractable leashes may be convenient, and provide both owners and dogs a higher degree of freedom and control, but they must be used properly to assure effectiveness and safety. That is why it is recommended to properly read the manual included in the packaging before use.

Let the good boy roam free!

None of this is much of an issue when a dog is well-trained or well-behaved, but when your canine is a bit too playful, you risk getting yanked against your will or having your pet leash linker broken. This is especially so for restless growing pups, eager to drag you along as they treat every walk like an expedition.

Here’s an easy solution— let your canine friend roam free.


Unhitch that leash, lay back, relax, and let the good boy tire himself out. There are a lot of benefits to letting your dog off the leash. You can take in what nature has to offer while allowing your pet to do the same. 

You’ll find your time with your pet more enjoyable when you’re not too busy trying to keep them under strict control. 

But do take note, this is only an option for when letting go of the leash poses no harm to the pet, to yourself, or to the surroundings.

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