How to Design a Kid’s Bedroom for Better Sleep Environment


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A child’s room fulfils many functions. It’s their private sanctuary and the place where they keep many of their toys and belongings. If they’re school age, perhaps it’s where they do their schoolwork. First and foremost, however, a child’s bedroom is the place where they sleep so they can rest and recharge. Any style of decorating must also support this important goal.

So how do you create a perfect sleep environment for children? Read on for a few trusty tips to create a welcoming, relaxing space for your little one.

Create areas of the room that support different goals

A child’s room should be a safe zone for kids. Given your child’s varying needs, that changes depending on the time of day and whether the child is alone or with friends. You can address these changing needs by designating areas of the room for specific uses. What those uses should be is set by your child’s interests and personality. Do they love a good snuggle at storytime? Designate a corner with a comfy bean bag chair and a bookcase full of cherished stories. Do you have a Lego master on your hands? Create a play zone with ample storage for all their pieces.

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Make it inviting

Often, we get focused on creating a kid-friendly environment, as we should, but remember that your child’s bedroom is part of your broader home decor. Strike a balance between making it fit in with your broader aesthetic and also making it kid-friendly. When it comes to making a child’s bedroom conducive to sleep, think about what minimizes distractions and sets the tone for rest. Consider blackout curtains, a white noise machine, or a spray of a relaxing scent such as lavender to help your little one wind down.

Support play

Adults use the term “play” as the opposite of work, but for children, play is work. It’s how children test out the things they’re learning about the world. That’s why it’s important to give them plenty of toys and materials to play with, and the time to enjoy them, as well as the skills to clean up and make their room tidy and relaxing for sleep. What’s best, a room full of engaging toys supports good rest as well. Getting their minds and bodies good and tired makes them reach bedtime ready to wind down.

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Give them the comfiest bed possible

The number one contributor to a good night’s sleep is a relaxing, comfortable bed that fits your child’s needs. A versatile, sleek bed such as the toddler bed from Snuz is a perfect choice. It keeps little ones safe and comfortable, gives them the ability to get into bed securely, and looks great with most looks.

Rest is important for us all. Setting up environments that support it create good lifelong habits. Use these tips to design your child’s bedroom to help your little one rest up, grow, and get ready for all the wonderful adventures life has in store for them.

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