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8 Innovative Commercial Building Ideas

Are you the owner of a commercial building? Or, are you an architect commissioned to develop a design for one? Whatever the case, you should know that the days when a simple and traditional design was sufficient for a commercial building are a thing of the past. For many people, aesthetic appeal now takes precedence over other factors. Accordingly, traditional factors have taken a backseat, and modern and contemporary design elements are key. 

If you intend to jazz up your commercial building, this post has you covered. Stay with us, and prepare to be inspired by the coolest commercial building ideas around. 

  • Get Innovative with Shapes 

Who said that buildings need to be all about straight lines? You can give your commercial building a twist by integrating specific shapes. For example, making quirky shapes like circles and hexagons a part of the building gives the entire space a fresh perspective. What’s more, shapes can arrest visitors’ attention unlike anything else while showcasing creativity at its finest. 

  • The Combination of Glass and Natural Lighting 

While there has been plenty of talk lately about the psychological benefits of a well-lit building, there’s also an aesthetic angle to natural lighting. Here’s an example. By positioning glass windows strategically, you can use them to reflect the incoming light in an artistic manner. You can also experiment with concept walls to play off natural lighting features. 

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  • Use the Building as a Branding Tool 

If you are a well-established brand, it’s likely that your customers connect well with aspects like your brand identity and voice. You can capitalise on this and turn your commercial building into a canvas for your brand identity. 

One way to do this is to colour-coordinate your building to match the tones found in your business’ logo or theme. Alternatively, if your logo has a distinct pattern, you could replicate the same motifs on your building. 

  • Make a Bold Statement with Colours 

This idea will come in handy if your building needs repainting. Instead of playing it safe, take the opportunity to experiment with fresh and bold colour palettes. There is no limit to this – you can play with pink and yellow, lavender and yellow, teal and orange, tangerine and red – your imagination is the only limit. You can take this to the next level by throwing in patterns or using colours to send a message. 

  • Invest in Art Installations 

The trend of decking entrances and open spaces in commercial buildings with art installations has many takers these days. It’s a nice way of enhancing your building’s visual appeal. Here’s the best part: most installations these days are made from recyclable materials like plastic, paper, and scrap metals, turning them into sustainable projects.

Now, this is where you can have the cake and eat it too. If you are thinking of commissioning an installation, share your vision with an artist and have them create the art of your dreams. 

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  • Give your Building a Digital Twist 

Decking the exteriors of your site with LED video walls and digital signage is yet another unique and innovative idea to consider. You can collaborate with architects, designers, and technicians to strategically position the walls and signs such that they gain maximum traction. 

Moreover, you can use the walls to display advertisements and endorse other brands and make handsome profits in the process. If that doesn’t appeal, you can always put the walls to good use in many other ways. 

  • Utilise Mixed Materials 

An easy way of highlighting the different parts of your commercial building is by using different materials. And, given the sophisticated architecture techniques available today, this can be done easily. 

For instance, you can complement wooden panels with metal railings. Or, you can have corrugated sheets lining the windows on the top floor. You can even throw ornamental glass tiles in the mix. Go all out and unleash your creativity!

  • Go Green 

Are you a fan of sustainable design? If so, you use your commercial building to reflect these values. To this end, you can consider installing living walls. Not only will they give the building a cheery and welcoming look, but they will also bring a range of health benefits for your staff and visitors. 

Additionally, you can convert the open spaces surrounding the building into gardens by cultivating ornamental plants and flowers. Visit to discover other ways to make your commercial building greener. 

Wrapping Up 

There are a wide range of things you can transform your ordinary commercial building into an artist’s canvas. Getting creative with shapes, installing living walls and art pieces, going digital with LED walls, and playing around with glass and natural light are just some great ideas to get you started. 

Think outside the box, and you’ll never know what genius ideas you may come up with!

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