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How to Add Some Fun Changes to Your Home in Only a Weekend

If you’re looking for a quick, creative boost to your home, there are some fun changes you can make in just one weekend. There are so many easy entertaining changes that will give your home the facelift it needs. Here are how to add some fun changes to your home in only a weekend.

Upgrade to a New Door 

Upgrade to a new door, like the Dutch door, to make your home look and feel more modern and stylish. And you can find the best prices on the market.

Upgrade With Fabric

Use patterned or mismatched fabrics to make new pillows, window treatments, slipcovers, and slipcovers for your chaise lounges. It’s an inexpensive way to make your home more interesting.

Upgrade With Lace

Lace scarves, doilies, and the like are easy to find in most major home decor chains, and they can add some great-looking texture to almost anything.

Upgrade With Pops of Color

Sometimes, all you need to make a room more interesting is a few well-placed accessories that add some bright colors or patterns.

Upgrade With Mirrors

There’s truth to the adage about how adding mirrors to a space can make it seem bigger. Plus, they help make your home look brighter.

Upgrade With Greenery

It’s easy to take cuttings from houseplants and create centerpieces or even small pots of greenery for your coffee table or desk. Adding some plant life makes any room feel fresh and alive.

Upgrade With Candles

Gold or silver candlesticks used as vases or candle holders can give your home a feeling of elegance. Candles also help bring the look together and create a sense of warmth that makes your home feel lived in.

Upgrade With Painted Furniture

Paint is the fastest way to drastically change the look of furniture such as chairs and tables. It can be as easy as painting an accent wall, or you could paint every piece in a room for a cohesive effect.

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Upgrade With Wall Treatments

Wall treatments like faux wallpaper, faux wood veneers, and combinations of textiles create an effect that is both contemporary and stylish. There’s nothing like the illusion of texture to make a room feel larger than it is.

Upgrade With Artwork or Frames

A few oil paintings or framed artwork on the walls, above an accent wall or hung at eye level, can give your home some amazing depth and depth of texture.

Upgrade With Ceramic Backsplash

It’s amazing how much impact a backsplash can have, especially when it’s in the making of ceramic. It gives your kitchen or bath a whole new look.

Upgrade With Chalkboard Paint

Instead of painting, you can also change the look of your kitchen by painting your cabinets in chalkboard paint. There are plenty of ways to make this trick stand out, but this is one way to make it work without the expense of buying pre-made chalkboard paint strips.

Upgrade With DIY Outdoor Patio

Installing a DIY outdoor patio can be as easy as adding some cool stones to the concrete, but the overall effect is nothing short of spectacular.

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Upgrade With Vintage Scrapbooking

Make your scrapbooks on the cheap by using old photos, magazine clippings, and other images to create some unique visuals on paper or fabric. It also gives you that nostalgic feel without having to spend money on photos or prints of really nice vintage items.

Upgrade With Stencils

Stencils create beautiful patterns on your walls or even your floors, ceilings, and furniture. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of the stencils at your local craft store for some inspiration.

Upgrade With Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of patterned, painted, or plain wallpaper without having to worry about the mess that regular paste-on wallpaper requires. It is usually inexpensive and anyone can do it.

Upgrade With Upcycled Items

Old furniture can also add a fresh look to a room. It’s just as easy to upcycle your old furniture into something new as it is to buy new stuff.

Upgrade With Shelving

Sometimes, all you need to make a room more interesting is a few well-placed accessories that add some bright colors or patterns. For example, shelves with lights underneath can look gorgeous and give your space a more finished look.

Upgrade With Modern Light Fixtures

Modern light fixtures can update any room with lights that look like hanging plants or even old-fashioned lanterns. It’s a great way to update the look of your home without remodeling.

Upgrade With Bamboo Decor

Bamboo is a great way to add a touch to the décor in your home. It’s eco-friendly and decently inexpensive.

Upgrade With Wall Art for Every Room

Wall art is a quick and easy way to add some color and interest to almost any room in your home. Whether you hang it on the walls or above the mantel, painting vintage-looking art is simple and adds a creative touch that accents the style of your home.

The whole point of home renovation is to improve the space around you. With these simple upgrades, you can quickly and easily turn any room in your home into an amazing work of art. These are just some of many simple tips for how to renovate your home with greater effect. The real key for renovating is to do it slowly so that each step blends naturally with the rest.

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