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Want To Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh? Here Are the Best Ways

Regardless of who you ask, they will tell you that the closet is a personal space. It’s that place where you stash your personal effects, clothes, accessories, and other things that could easily be used to summarize your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences. But if you’re like most people, you must have experienced foul smells from your wardrobe at some point for one reason or the other.

A recent Q&A on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Ask Jennifer Adam” cited poor air circulation as among the major reasons why wardrobes get musty and cause smelly bedrooms. The good thing is that there are a few ways to solve the problem once and for all. Read on to discover the best ways to keep your closet smelling fresh all day and every day.

Keep it clean, dry, and scented

Unbeknownst to many, clothing items are a strong magnet to body odors. These odors can stay on your clothes for long even after they are washed. To avoid transferring these musty smells into your closet, make sure your clothes are thoroughly washed and dried before storage. Damp clothes will not only create nasty smells, but they will also build breeding grounds for funding and other germs in your closet. Anything you store in your wardrobe should be clean and free of moisture.

Once everything is clean, go ahead and light some scented candles in the room. You can check these out at Diptyque, who also offer room sprays and diffusers in varying scents including lavender, ginger, and amber. This will keep your closet smelling fresh and clean all week. 

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Wear quality spray 

As mentioned above, body odors stick for long on fabric and clothes. But this rarely happens when you have a signature perfume. If you wear quality cologne, your clothes can maintain that fresh-smelling fragrance for long even after several washes. This means that your closet will also smell like your signature perfume. You can maximize the effect by spraying your closet with your favorite perfume occasionally, alongside storing it in there if possible.  

Occasionally reorganize the closet

As earlier mentioned, poor air circulation can lead to a stuffy closet. This is why it makes sense to avoid cramping clothing items too close to one another. You might have spent a lot designing your dream closet, but reorganizing it every once in a while can help improve air circulation and keep it smelling fresh. Make sure to get rid of anything considered clutter as you reorganize the wardrobe.

Observe regular closet cleaning 

Is your closet developing unpleasant odors lately? If so, the problem could be your cleaning frequency. Your clothing storage space might have accumulated dust, mold growth, and other kinds of dirt. You could correct the issue and keep it smelling fresh by giving it a deep cleaning session, which may include the following:

  • Empty the closet completely
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Clean all surfaces with soap/cleanser and water
  • Air-dry the closet before replacing its contents

Spray vinegar often 

Naturally used to refresh various spaces inside the home, vinegar can serve as an effective deodorizer to freshen up your closet. Vinegar solution is actually used to get rid of foul smells from drains and sinks. Dilute vinegar in a matching amount of water and spray some into your closet for the magical effect. Activated charcoal and baking soda are also common alternatives.

Bad odors in the closet aren’t anything new in most households. However, they can be quite intimidating in some households, especially if your wardrobe is in the bedroom. If you notice a smelly closet, the first thing you should do is track down the main source of the foul smell. In addition to this, the tips highlighted above can help you keep your wardrobe and the nearby rooms smelling fresh each day.

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