7 Mistakes People Make When Mixing Wood Furniture to Modern Homes

Amish furniture items that are usually constructed from solid wood are among the most famous pieces added to modern homes nowadays. The popularity of this type of furniture can be attributed to the solid wood’s durability and incredible look. Note that if you decide to use solid wood as the base material for the majority of your home’s furniture, enjoying a breathtaking view all the time is a great possibility.

However, you also have to remind yourself that mixing wood furniture and decorating your modern home with it might increase your chance of committing some interior decorating mistakes. For instance, you might get overexcited to the point that you begin shopping without doing extensive research about where to buy Amish furniture that does not compromise your budget, wants, and needs.

If you have a modern home and you want to make wooden furniture a part of its overall design, then here are seven of the most common mistakes you should avoid committing:

1. Investing in matching furniture pieces

matching furniture

Stay away from matching furniture pieces as much as possible as this might cause your home to look plain, boring, and too uniform. This means that even if you wish to invest in furniture items made of wood, there should still be some sort of diversity in each one. Keep in mind that matching furniture sets tend to get rid of the design’s diversity. This might also radiate an uncreative look and feel.

Even if you are using wood for most, if not all, of your furniture, make sure that there is a mix of new and old as well as different colors and styles. This will surely result in more dynamic and eclectic aesthetics. Each piece of furniture should be capable of radiating a unique something to your home.

2. Pushing the wood furniture items against the wall

A lot of homeowners commit the mistake of pushing most of their furniture pieces against a wall. Some do this styling technique in an attempt to make a room feel and look bigger. However, this might result in difficulties holding conversations. This might also look awkward. Furthermore, contrary to what some homeowners believe, this is incapable of producing or saving space.
What you should do, instead, is to build grouping accents and conversational spots. You may want to pull furniture items away from the walls. You should then angle these pieces towards each other as a means of creating a more functional and intimate seating arrangement.

If you are in doubt then try drawing a basic plan in a sketch pad so you can better decide on the proper placement and positioning of your furniture. This is a technique followed by many professional interior designers as they believe this can help them in creating the perfect layout for their preferred décor.

3. Buying the wrong size of furniture

Another common mistake committed by those who mix wood furniture to modern homes is buying the wrong size. It could be oversized or undersized. Before investing in a new piece of wooden furniture, make sure to get the correct dimensions and measurements of the space you are planning to decorate. This is crucial in getting the right size of a table or sofa while also having an idea about how it flows into the room.

Also, take note that while oversized pieces tend to look and make you feel comfortable, an overly large one for the space you intend to decorate might lead to poor flow. It is important to get the right size of furniture because this can create proper flow and circulation that will help make your modern home feel right.

4. Choosing paint first before the furniture

Choosing paint first before the furniture
Note that when mixing wood furniture in your modern household, picking the specific items and fabrics should come first before choosing the paint color for your wall. It is because paint colors are in great abundance, thereby promoting ease in matching it to your furniture, like your sofa, instead of the other way around.

Avoid committing the mistake of other homeowners who decide to paint a room first only to face difficulties in the end once they start shopping for furniture pieces that perfectly match their budget and their home’s modern style. This is especially true for surface materials, such as wood, tiles, and marble. Choose a furniture item first then decide on a paint color, which blends with it.

5. Not making the undertones blend

This mistake is often committed by those who try to mix wood tones. Avoid this mistake at all costs as you need to make the undertones blend perfectly especially if you are designing a modern home. A smart idea is to ensure that the undertones fit well between distinct bits.

For instance, you may want most of the classically-designed wood furniture pieces in your living space to have a hot mid-tone look. By doing that, the entire room will be able to have a form of continuity. Also, observe whether the wood tone dominating your space is on the cooler or warmer side. Once you figure that out, try to retain that to ensure that your household displays a more coherent thread.

6. Not choosing a dominant tone

While it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to blend wood tones in modern homes, it is still a wise idea to pick a dominant wooden tone and use it as your base or starting point so you will be guided on choosing various pieces that will complete the room or space. For example, if your floor is made of wood then this might act as the dominant timber tone.

7. Forcing a color scheme

If you intend to decorate your modern home’s interiors using solid wood furniture then avoid making a color scheme work forcefully. Keep in mind that a lot of homeowners wrongly believe that they should choose matching colors in order for them to work well and smoothly. The truth is there are also ways to use a wide range of colors that will result in a more organized and coordinated look.

One tip is to choose your color family first. Once you figure that out, identity the major pieces or items designed to fill a room. After that, you can recover, repaint, and coordinate the elements to ensure that they flow smoothly without forcing them.


Using wood furniture to decorate your modern home is a wise decision considering the many rewards and perks that the material can offer, like its sturdiness and incredible aesthetics. However, it is important to avoid committing the decorating mistakes indicated in this article to make sure that you design your home well. Set a goal of building a sense of order and balance using the wood furniture items you decide to integrate into your home to avoid losing its modern theme while also having a collection of durable and good-looking pieces.

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