5 Different Types of String Lights and Where to Use Them

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being creative with string lights, then this is where you’ll some of the coolest ideas around. String lights are some of the most popular Christmas decorations known to the western population. Not to mention, they’re quite versatile in that they can be used in a number of innovative and fun ways rather than just being Christmas lights.

The thing about string lights is that there is a wide collection of them available at a number of stores and malls, giving you all the freedom to arrange them however you like. With that being said, here are some of the most common types of string lights that you can decorate anywhere in and around your house or office:

1. Solar LED Lantern String Lights

Solar LED Lantern String Lights

If you’re looking for something that is majestic and out of this world, we recommend going for lantern string lights. They may appear as traditional paper lanterns, but they’re actually made of a durable tarpaulin material that can endure any season, including winters. And the biggest takeaway of these precious little things is that they’re solar powered, pushing down your electricity bills to a great degree. They can also stay on for about 15 hours on steady mode and 20 on twinkling mode.

2. Traditional String Lights

Minis come as a slim strand with little bulbs attached to it and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The product is flexible and easy to bend that is used typically for wrapping around a Christmas tree or can sneak into corners without any trouble. These incandescent bulbs usually last about two seasons before they can be replaced.

3. Globe String Lights

String lights can really turn up the coziness to your ambiance especially when you use the globe ones. This can be so whether you’re inside your house’s lounge or when you’re outside enjoying the pleasant breeze in your patio or garden. Perhaps the biggest way they stand out is that their outdoor string lights version is waterproof and comes in 25 feet in length. What’s more, is that its remote control enables you to control over 8 different modes of flashing light effects.

4. Colorful String Lights

Colorful String Lights
Christmas, Easter and other kinds of festive seasons are all about bright and colorful string lights. Go ahead and help yourself to these little strings of sparkles whenever special events are around the corner. For Christmas, we recommend going for lights that come in blue, green and red. As for Easter, you can have tons of fun with pink, orange, purple, blue, red and a number of other colors.

5. Tube Rope LED String Lights

If you prefer another solar-powered option, try the tube-shaped LED string lights for a change. You can use them to light up the tree trunks in your garden without fear of getting them wet as they are made from water-resistant PVC material. These are some of the best outdoor solar lights available as they light up your patio or garden in the night for about 17 hours when fully charged.

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