Radon Mitigation Colorado Springs: Reasons To Have Your Home Checked For Radon

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. But what happens when your home is the one making you sick? The reality is, there are invisible health hazards in your house that can cause diseases and illnesses to anyone living there.

One of the health hazards that you may not be aware of is radon. Although radon is a naturally-occurring gas and found in the environment, it can cause lung cancer. Radon is responsible for a small percentage of all lung cancer occurrences. Radon level testing, therefore, is crucial whether you are buying a home or an existing homeowner.

Radon Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

We all have heard of asbestos and carbon monoxide and what these can do to harm the body. However, very few people know about radon and the danger it brings to your home.

There May be Radon Inside Your Home Without Knowing about It

Radon is a type of gas coming from radioactive uranium. When radioactive uranium decays, radon can seep into your home from the ground. Most radon exposure begins when the gas gets into your home through the floor. Because radon has no color or odor, it is often left undetected without the help of a professional radon tester and mitigator.

High Levels of Radon Can be Fatal

Exposure to radon for an extended period creates the risk of lung cancer. Radon can damage sensitive lung cells and cause lung cancer even if you do not smoke. Smoking cigarettes and exposure to radon increase the risk of lung cancer.

Some Homes Will Have Higher Levels of Radon

Radon is present in almost every state in the U.S., but North Dakota and Iowa are reported to have increased radon levels. Uranium’s radioactive decay is typically found in soil, igneous rock, and well water. The good news is that it is possible to reduce the level of radon in your home. Installing ventilation bricks or using high-density polyethylene plastic to cover exposed soil helps reduce radon buildup. Radon mitigation Colorado Springs service providers can help inspect and protect your home from radon toxicity.

Reasons to Have Your House Regularly Checked For Radon

Radon Mitigation Colorado

As a homeowner, it’s not enough to take care of the aesthetics of your property. You should also ensure that the home is a safe place for all members of the family. Now that you know what radon is, here are the reasons why you should have your home tested for radon:

1. Radon is Not in Plain Sight

Radon is invisible. This odorless and colorless toxic gas is not detected without the help of a radon measurement device. Some homeowners may try testing their home with a DIY kit, but the results may not be accurate. There are companies offering radon testing and mitigation near you. You can search for a service provider near you by typing radon testing and your location, such as “radon testing Colorado Springs.”

2. Radon is Dangerous to Your Health

Is it possible to get lung cancer without smoking cigarettes? Many factors can increase your chances of getting lung cancer, and radon is one of them. High levels of radon exposure are detrimental to all members of the family, especially young children. Radon is a gas with small particles that increase your risk for cancer when it gets trapped in your lungs. To keep your loved ones protected from respiratory diseases, have your home regularly checked for radon.

3. Radon Can Accumulate in Your Home

It’s not a guarantee that your home is safe from radon if you keep it well-ventilated or newly-constructed. If your home is situated in a region where radon levels are high, you should regularly monitor your home for radon toxicity. Radon can accumulate in your property without you knowing, thus you should enlist the services of a professional radon testing company to do the checking for you.

4. Radon Testing is Worth the Extra Expense

While a DIY radon test kit will only set you back $15 or so, you cannot be entirely sure that the test is accurate. A professional service provider will charge $150 to $300 for radon testing, depending on the size of your home. An additional $700 to $1,000 may seem like a lot of money to mitigate the high levels of radon in a house. The advantage is that you can be sure that a reliable radon control company will resolve the problem.

5. Radon Testing Gives You Peace of Mind

A home should be a safe place to live with your loved ones. Regular testing gives you peace of mind that radon toxicity will not harm you or your family members. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the radon testing yourself. Many reliable radon detection companies will do the hard work for you.


Radon poisoning has no definite signs or symptoms. The only way to make sure that your home has low levels of radon is to consult a professional radon testing and radon mitigation service provider.

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