7 Ingenious Tricks to Light Up Your House Perfectly

Your home is your little corner in the world. As little or as grand as this corner maybe, it is your duty to ensure this corner is truly peaceful and yours.

How do we do that?

One thing most cultures, new or old, find peaceful is the warmth of light. Light is revered as the most positive thing we seek in our lives. In rough times, we find ourselves in dark zones and metaphorically look for the light at the end of this dark patch.

Times change and most storms clear up. However, your home is a place that stays with you and can support you through rough times. You could start preparing your home to become the most peaceful zone for yourself by making some “light” fixes. (Nice wordplay, huh!)
How do we do that

Here is how you can make use of proper lighting in your house to make it all the more peaceful:

Don’t leave a corner dark:

You want all rooms lit well. Why? Because not having a properly lit room can lead to dirt and lack of hygiene. These spots are the worst to clean later on. So, to avoid a big field day in the house later, you should ensure your rooms are well-lit, to begin with. This can be achieved via lamps and bulbs strategically put in the right places.

Sensory lights:

This addition not only looks quirky but also serves multi-purposes. These lights get activated when someone moves to the place where they are fitted. You can use these in your parkway or garden. This will make your place a more secure property. Perhaps, the best combination of safety and fun!

The right types of windows:

Windows shut the outside world out and the inside world in, but when you open them, it becomes the gateway for light to come in. However, you don’t have to leave those windows all dull and plain; you could use the right window awnings for your perfect windows. There are various types of window awnings to choose from, and they now come tailor-made as per your window’s size and colour.
The right types of windows

Use colours:

Colours are nothing but different wavelengths of light, and that may sound way too scientific; however, colours bring stark differences to your room. Moreover, certain colours can give your room a darker shade like brown and green. However, using pale shades of yellow and ivory would make your room much brighter.

Not cluttering your space:

This may not sound directly related to lighting your house, but unnecessary piles of waste goods in the way can lead your house to become poorly lit. Moreover, obstructions can result in trips and falls. Thus, you should do away with the shadows of huge boxes lying around and declutter your house.


Lighting up a hundred candles or lamps in your living room may seem a bit extra, you know what doesn’t? A giant mirror, which doubles the light present in the room by the principles of physics and makes up for a cool aesthetic if you give the giant mirror a good frame. You can use mirrors skillfully around your house to maximize your lighting and reflection. Play around very creatively and you ma gift yourself a selfie prop.

Metallic furniture:

Metallic furniture
Wooden furniture may look classy, but metallic steel is a great base to have some light reflect around. Not just that, edgy smooth metallic furniture designs are pretty much in the present trends now. You would find various cool options to choose from, and they are far less heavy to move and far easier to maintain than wooden pieces.

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