How to Ensure Your Home Always Smells Wonderfully Fresh

Every home has a unique scent. Some houses — although it might sound awful to say — smell far better than others. It can sometimes be tricky to keep day-to-day odors at bay; however, there are plenty of steps that you can take to help deodorize your home and prevent it from smelling not so fresh, shall we say.

It can be embarrassing to be told by a visitor that your home has a ‘strange scent’, especially when you can’t smell anything yourself. The fact is that we adjust to the smell of our homes, which means that if your home has a negative scent you may not notice it after a while, which of course, makes managing bad odors a little tricky.

The good news is that while you cannot always tell how your home smells, what you can do is take steps to ensure it’s always as fresh and as free from bad odors as possible. Wondering what steps you can take to do this? Have a read of the handy hacks and ideas below!

Refresh carpets and rugs

Unlike hard flooring, soft carpets absorb smells like nothing else, especially bad ones. The worst offenders for foul smelling carpets is rotten food and pet messes, as these can have exceedingly strong odors, making your entire home smell rather bad. Even old pet stains that you might not realize still smell, can have a bad odor that impacts your entire house.
Refresh carpets and rugs

That’s why knowing how to remove or get out old stains, such as how to get old dog urine stains out of your carpet, is so important. Never leave a stain because it could impact the smell of your home.

Utilize incense, candles, and diffusers

When it comes to adding an aroma to your home that smells good, scented products such as candles, incense and diffusers are a great option to incorporate. However, if you have pets it’s vital to make sure that you are only using pet-safe aromas, and not products that could hurt your pets’ health. For best results, opt for an electric oil diffuser that you can plug in and leave on for a few hours each day, combined with burning incense once or twice a day.

Dot house plants around

Did you know that indoor plants actually clean the air? If you want to ensure that your home always smells fresh, opt to add a few house plants to your home. Not only do house plants add an aesthetic appeal, but they also help to keep your home smelling wonderfully fresh.
Dot house plants around

Ensure regular fresh air flow

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your home smells ‘clean’ is to ensure that there is a regular flow of fresh air running through your entire home. Leave windows open or on lock on a constant basis, allowing a regular flow of fresh air into your home, keeping it smelling wonderfully clean and beautifully fresh.

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