How To Find Professionals For Keeping Your Home Upkeep Sorted

A cluttered home filled with messy clothes and strewn items is not an ideal place to spend the majority of your time in. While many of us may wish to keep our house clean and sorted, sometimes we do not have the time to maintain it that way. However, living in a cluttered home is as unproductive as it is working at a messy desk. Not only does it render you helpless against your anxiety, frustration, and stress, it also drains your energy by continually trying to keep your living space mess-free.

Maintenance Plus recommends the use of professional organizers to keep your house decluttered, and thus a welcoming space to live in.

What are the services they provide?

The foremost thing about hiring a professional organizer is asking about what is the domain of services that they specialize in. Although many organizers can do most of the work, it is still considered a safe approach to ask them about the services they may be able to provide to their clients.
What are the services they provide

Some essential services that a professional organizer must be able to perform are, organizing your kitchen closets, living room, and pantries, and your living space overall, assisting with data organization and electronic files, tabulating your bills, prescriptions, insurance forms, and tax documents. Apart from this, they should also have a downsize work experience with scanning photos and assisting hoarders.

Have they completed training?

It is not uncommon for professional organizers to undergo a period of training and receive their certification to make themselves seem more legit and trustworthy. Some organizers go through detailed training in productivity coaching, interior design, time management, and chronic disorganization.

NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, excels in providing adequate training to individuals who wish to pursue their careers in this field. They are required to undergo three courses and 1,500 hours of professional experience before receiving certification by the establishment. However, many professional organizers do not bother receiving formal attestation, as it is not a mandatory requirement.

What do they charge?

Professional organizers are known to charge a hefty amount for their services, due to their experience in the field and the training that they receive before starting as an individual organizer. The methods of charging their fee, however, differ between many. Some organizers prefer to charge by the hour, while others take full payment by services required in the project.
What do they charge
It is, thus, crucial to determine their payment estimate, the company that they work under, and whether they would be willing to fill out a written contract of the dealing between themselves and the client. Refrain from paying if you have not tried out the company and have faith in them.

What is their work approach?

Every professional organizer carries a separate work approach for tackling their projects. It is essential to make sure that their work approach coordinated with your requirements to avoid any confusion or trouble in the project.

Some organizers prefer to work solo, while others keep the company of their clients paramount and choose to pitch in alongside them. A few of them may also provide you with work to do and check on the improvement every few days and assist you in whatever way possible.

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