6 Ways to Introduce Luxury in Your Home

If you’re looking to turn your current home into your dream home you may be looking to add a little luxury to your property. If you’re wondering ‘what is a luxury home?’ you may be surprised to find out it isn’t all about money. You don’t need to blow your budget on high-end items to create a luxury property. Luxury homes have interior decor that is sophisticated, organised and consistent.

Add Small Luxury Items

Introducing small luxury home accessories such as vases, sculptures, cushions and throws can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home. You can add these items slowly building on your collection without creating a strain on your bank account. The items don’t need to be expensive but it is best to buy better quality items when creating a luxury home environment.
Add Small Luxury Items

Stick to a Colour Scheme

When decorating your home to create a luxurious interior it is important to choose your colour scheme before you get started. You should choose between bold or soft colours, the key to a luxurious home is a flowing colour scheme. Adding contrast to a bold wall colour can be done with all white doors and furniture. If you’re choosing a soft colour scheme you should try to add splashes of contrasting colour with home accessories. When decorating a bathroom you should choose hardware that is the same shade to keep the decor consistent. Make sure bedding and other upholstery complement your colour scheme.

Glass Balconies

If you have a balcony on the inside or outside of your home, adding glass instead of wood can give your home a luxurious and expensive look. Adding a glass balcony to your home can also give you a better flow in the home and provide more light where possible.


Hardwood floor is much preferred in real estate than carpet, this is because hardwood gives a luxurious mood to a room. You can match your hardwood to the interior decor of your room, contrasting dark wood with soft, bright walls and furniture pieces.

Curtains and Blinds

When purchasing curtains, you should stick with high-quality materials such as natural linen, cotton or silk. If you prefer standard blinds over curtains you should stick with shutters or woven wooden or bamboo shades. Make sure your window dressings match the interior of your home to avoid clashing colours and giving your home an unorganised appearance.

Keep Your Art Big

Keep Your Art Big
Make sure the art your purchase is large enough for the wall you intend to hang it on. If your art is too small for your walls, it gives the room an unfinished and messy look. It is important to ensure your art matches your interior colour scheme, you can either completely match the colours to other features in the room or you can use art as a contrast for soft colour schemes.

If you’re hanging your art in a frame, you can use large ornate frames to add extra luxury into the room or if you’re sticking with a more minimalist interior theme purchase one-tone basic frames to keep your eye flowing around the room.

Guest post by Interior Blogger Gina Kay Daniel

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