Tips for Making DIY Fabric Business Banners at Home

For people who seek to create a lasting impression on the minds of their prospective clients using ideas and creativity, customized banners are the ideal choice. If your banner is attractive and good, it will draw the attention of a few people to you and your product. Having a cloth banner that represents your product or company is certainly a great idea.

These days, there are quite several avenues through which you could publicize your product or service, however, banners are still quite relevant. There are still individuals who have a strong affinity for such banners thus making it a worthwhile investment. By default, all large and medium-sized organization has funds set aside for advertisement. This should, however, benefit the business in the long run if it will affect desired. You will find banner stands in charity shows, exhibitions, and trade shows.

What do customized fabric banners look like?

Usually, custom fabric banners are not heavy and can be easily carried from place to place. It, therefore, makes it quite easy to build the ideal design and logo using these banners. Usually, the cloth banners come out looking good because of its shine and smooth design in addition to the clarity given by the texture. Usually, all you need to do is to tell the banner printing company what your requirements are and make sure they give you the ideal design.
What do customized fabric banners look like

Tested and Trusted tips for making clothe banners

If you are looking to make a strong statement in the advertising circle, fabric business banners are the perfect choice for you. Here are a few tips to help you make a fabric business banner from the comfort of your home:

  • Step One

The first thing you need for you to make the perfect Business banner at home is the material. The materials you need to embark on this project include fabric mod podge, thin and wide paintbrush and calico. Other materials include small dowel rod, acetate, pencil, scissors, paper, printer, and durable craft glue.

  • Step two

Having gathered the necessary materials, the next step would be to get into the DIY business. Place a piece of calico on the top of the acetate and have both sides of the fabric covered with Mod Podge. Furthermore, use a large quantity of Mod Podge and turn it over gumming the material to the acetate. After doing this, get the other side covered and leave it to dry.

  • Step 3

The third step requires that you stay awhile until the Mod Podge becomes dry after which you are to remove the acetate. You will discover that a portion of it has a plastic and shiny surface while the other portion spots a fabric kind of appearance.

  • Step 4

Now you are almost there! The next step requires that you print out what you want on your banner in reverse fashion after which you are to trace the letters to the fabric’s shiny side. After this, cut the word out of the fabric upon which you will discover that the mod Podge does not give rough edges and comes with perfect lines.

  • Step 5

The next step involves cutting the felt into a point and thereafter applies the gum to the upper edge while you place the dowel rod on it. You should ensure that you keep applying more glue to it while you roll the dowel to a point where it is covered using felt.

  • Final step

The final step requires that you apply a reasonable amount of Mod Podge to the back print and make sure it is properly attached to the banner. After doing this, your banner is ready!

What should I consider when choosing the fabric for the background?

What should I consider when choosing the fabric for the background
There are two ways in which you can create the background for your business banner. They include a lining and without lining. Whichever choice you make in this regard, you must ensure that you opt for a fabric that can hold its shape. This simply means that you should go for fabric that is heavy-bodied and not stretchy.

Some examples of such fabric include linen, canvas, and bridal satin. It is also advisable that you have a carpenter’s square close-by for making perfect 90-degree corners. You can, however, improvise with these tools as long as you have the requisite experience and knowledge.

Why should I go for fabric business banners?

There are several wonderful reasons why you should opt for fabric business banners. However, the number one benefit of using this material is that they have a unique smoothness and texture. When it comes to advertising, the attractiveness of the medium plays a huge role in its success. This is why you need to always ensure that your banner always looks attractive with a clear caption which should be legible from a distance.
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