6 Ways to Have a Stress Free Renovation

While it’s a great idea to redecorate your home every few years, it may be that new styles have appeared, or you are simply tired of how the interior of your home looks, a major change can be extremely stressful. There is a lot of upheaval to deal with, especially if you are changing a kitchen or bathroom, for example. The following tips should help you to have a calmer, less stressful experience when redecorating your home so that you can truly enjoy the new look.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Planning is massively important when it comes to doing any kind of renovation work to the interior of your home. A plan will mean you can get everything done in the way that it should be done, to the timescale that you have set aside for it. When changing things in your home, there will be a certain order that works best, and this is what you need to think about before you begin. If not, there will be mistakes, problems, and delays, and this will only add to your stress levels.

Take a look online at video tutorials because you will then discover the best way to do things to ensure that everything happens in the order it is meant to. You will also be able to get a better idea of how long the project should take in general, and this means you can book the right amount of time off work, or make sure your budget will stretch to cover the tradespeople you need to hire.

Have A Budget

Have A Budget
Working on a home renovation with no budget is a great way to become over-stressed. Spiraling costs that you have no control over are a big problem, and if you have no budget in mind, then it can happen all too easily. The budget needs to have time spent on it, and shouldn’t be just a quickly scribbled note after one trip to the hardware store, or a glance online. You need to account for all eventualities, and ensure that you have a contingency fund too, just in case something goes wrong or something happens that you hadn’t really thought about.

If you are hiring professionals to work on your renovation project, they should also be aware of the project budget, and you should ideally sign a contract that states how much you will be paying so that there are no unexpected costs at the end.

One way to more easily stick to a budget is to look into personal loans. That way, you have a set amount of money that you borrowed that is specifically for the new interior of your home, and you won’t be able to overspend so easily.

Leave The Home?

Something that can often cause stress levels to rise is the disruption within the home when renovation projects are being carried out. If this sounds like something that might cause you problems, then you should consider moving out of your home while the work is being done, as doing so will make you feel a lot less stressed. You might choose to stay with family, take a room in a motel or hotel, or you might even want to rent a house nearby if the project is going to take a long time and you can afford to do so.

If you leave the place that’s being changed around, you can more easily maintain your usual routine, and the builders and decorators can more easily get on with the task at hand and therefore work more quickly.


No matter whether you choose to stay or to leave, it’s important to store your more important belongings to keep them safe. Anything that isn’t going to be used but that might get in the way during the renovation, items such as couches and chairs or dining furniture can be put into storage. It stops them from getting damaged and stops you from worrying about them. It will also prevent those who you have called in to help from struggling to get on with their work. The clearer you can make your home, the better.

This is also a great opportunity to declutter and throw out, recycle, or sell some of your old belongings that aren’t going to fit or simply won’t look so great in your newly decorated place. It is yet another way to reduce the stress of the situation.

Get Advice

If you’re planning to do the work yourself and it’s not something you would normally do, then asking for advice from professionals, or even friends and family who have already carried out the same kind of work as you are about to embark upon is always going to be a useful thing to do. You might pick up some hints and tips that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought about, and you’ll be aware of the kinds of problems that can arise when carrying out this kind of work, and be prepared (or, ideally, avoid them altogether). It will certainly make you feel a lot less stressed about what you are about to do.

Do The Prep Work

If you don’t know how to do the task you are hoping to do, or you’re rushing because you haven’t give yourself enough time, it can be tempting to bypass the prep work part of the job. However, if you do this, then it is unlikely that the rest of the job will go smoothly, and you will encounter a wide variety of problems. For example, when you are planning to paint something, you will need to prepare the surface first, which means removing the old paint or wallpaper and sanding down wooden surfaces. You will also need to paint a primer coat. If you miss these steps, as dull and time consuming as they might seem, your finished paint job won’t look as good as it otherwise would do.

If you can prepare as much in advance as possible, then the job itself will be easier and take less time, plus the finished result will look so much better.

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