6 Ways to Keep Pests Away from Invading Your Home

Managing a house and keeping it safe from all sorts of harm is a huge task to perform. Homemakers go to every extent to ensure that the house is safe from each perspective. Whether it is about keeping the house safe from thieves or it is about getting the right fixes in the electrical wiring system, everything is taken care of perfectly.

But the security of a house is not just about keeping the people residing in it safe from other objects or people, it also comes down to keeping the building safe from animals and rodents! Well, yes, when you will manage a house of your own, you will know the horror behind keeping the house safe from pests. Pest control is an important aspect of care taking of any structure.

Considering our homes, pest control is even more crucial because these pests are also the carriers of a various diseases. You would not be wanting lizards and rats invading your home and making it theirs. And then, there is no horror comparable to the one you experience when you enter your bathroom in the morning and the first thing you lay your eyes upon is a lizard or a cockroach! No one would want such a horrifying sight to begin the day.

In this list, you will find simple ways to keep your home safe from such creatures so that you can live in peace.

Sanitation in and around the house

The one thing that attracts the pests most is dirt and heaps of debris. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to keep the house clean, both inside and outside. Clean the sensitive areas like the kitchen and washrooms thoroughly to ensure they do not become the breeding ground of pests like ants and cockroaches. You must not let any debris get collected near your home. If you have a garden of your home, pay special attention to its cleanliness. Keep the house neat and clean so that there is no dirt luring pests into your home.

Decluttering the house

Decluttering the house

Greater is your hoarding of unnecessary stuff in your house, more are the chances of making it a party place for pests. Decluttering is a good way to get rid of the things you do not need, which probably lying in your store room or garage and helping pests make their way into your home. When you throw things at the back of your home, not using them or disposing them with proper care, it is very likely that pests like rats, lizards and cockroaches make them their home and then reach inside your home.

Proper ventilation and lighting

Proper ventilation and lighting
By lighting here we mean, sunlight, to be precise. Your house should have ample ventilation points and windows or ceilings that let the sunlight come in. Houses which are dark and have no proper ventilation tend to become dingy which makes it easier for the pests to survive. Especially in kitchens and washrooms, if there are no proper provisions for the entrance of sun rays, the water does not dry up properly, leading to the damage of the walls and an easy passage for cockroaches and bugs. Moisture is another attraction for bugs.

Taking care of the furniture

Taking care of the furniture
Termites find it very easy to ruin furnitures. If you ever notice holes or mud lines on your furnitures, you must understand the termite family is at work! All your wooden possessions need some extra care when it comes to pests. Clean and dust your furniture every once in a while so you know there are no insects residing there. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed so that they don’t become an easy way for the pests to enter your house. If you ever notice mud lines or holes, as we earlier said, do not hesitate in calling for the pest control in Rockhampton services like Ultimate Restoration Services, a renowned name for carpet cleaners in Rockhampton and pest control, who will the deal with your problem like there’s.

DIY tactics

You should not just keep your house clean physically but it should also smell nice. If you want to repel insects or mosquitoes, you may boil some cardamom and cinnamon in water and let the smell spread in your house. Insects cannot stand strong smell. The same effect will be made by turmeric, vinegar, red chilli etc. Places where you find cockroaches, pour a mixture of water and detergent or dish washer. The pests will die of suffocation.
If you clean your drains, add some lemon juice in that drain to keep any pests away and also for a fresh smell. You may also use alcohol to remove bugs. Also, if you trace some ants or bugs in your house, use of kerosene oil can also come in handy.

Regular checks

The best way to keep pests away from your home is to let professionals conduct regular pest control invigilation in your house. The professionals know exactly to look for a hidden pest and will help you get rid of it. Regular inspection will let you know the vulnerable areas of your home where pests can survive easily. They will let you know about the ways that will keep your home safe after they are done cleaning your home.

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