3 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home

Every home can look amazing if you take good care of it and add a little bit of imagination to the mix. However, most people do not go far enough in that and they end up with pretty boring living spaces. But you don’t want that, do you?

As one of the best moving companies Chicago, we have seen many homes throughout the years. This has helped us notice great decoration trends and others that are not so successful. Today, however, we will only focus on those that can help you make your home a great place to spend your time. Let’s begin!

See Colors In A Different Light

Colors In A Different Light

When it comes to colorful accents, most people are pretty conservative. It seems like they like to stick to more neutral tones, both for furniture and walls. Why? Because in theory neutral colors go well with everything. The only problem? They don’t go well with other neutral colors.

If you are not deliberate about a monochrome aesthetic, or you want to bet on minimalism, you should actually break the mold a little bit. Try adding colorful accents here and there. For example, dark red goes amazing with lighter painted walls, while light blue can contrast well with lighter yellow in your bathroom for example.

Online you can find plenty of color combinations to try out, so you shouldn’t just stick to a single conservative one.

A Touch Of Minimalism

A Touch Of Minimalism
If you are not familiar with the minimalism movement in design, it is actually quite simple. Basically you strip down everything that is unnecessary fluff and doesn’t have a clear purpose to you. For example, you may have pictures on the walls around your home, but not because they mean something to your – you have them just because.

Alternatively, you may have furniture with large footprint but little utility – these have to go as well. Minimalism is all about practicality and functionality. If something doesn’t fit into that mold it has to go. The team of H2H Movers has seen many successful minimalism redesigns, and even the ones that are not handled as well are still pretty good. That is because the moto “more is less” actually applies quite well to real life.

Plants Want To Be Back

Plants Want To Be Back
Everybody knows that they should have plants at home. It is kind of a staple thing in the American household and even offices. But many people have been ditching all plants at home, because they are often too much effort to take care of. Well, not now!

If you want to have some greens around your home, you can consider succulents. These types of plants require very little care while they can look amazing paired with both the tips from above. Contrast green with red, while also maintaining a nice minimalistic aesthetic and you have your foundation for a great home design.

Of course, you can always get some flowers and spruce up your home a bit more, but that is entirely up to you.

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