6 Backyard Party Essentials for All the Party Freaks

For a truly successful backyard party, you want to keep the gusts, and all the pets at peace. From funky grill accessories to beautiful string lights, here’s a list of six most essential party elements for a backyard party.

1. Have Enough Seats:

Have Enough Seats

The easiest option is to use your dining chairs into service. You can also add drum stools or poufs. If you are keeping things casual, then you can throw some quilts and blankets along with some cushions and let people gather picnic style. You can also buy folding chairs if you have a budget, or you can even rent them off a few online stores.

2. Have Good Lighting:

Good Lighting
When the sun goes down, don’t leave the guests in the dark. You can have strings of lights on the deck, the fence, around the tree branches and bark. You can also light up some customized candles for guests, so they have dim light in nooks and corners, and also you’ll have a pleasant smell to keep the atmosphere cozy.

3. Keep Mosquitos Away:

Keep Mosquitos Awa
Let’s be honest, mosquitos can be a big turn off and can turn any pumping party into a nightmare. Don’t keep your guests swatting mosquitos all night. Set up a few fans near your sitting area, it keeps the mosquitos away. Also get rid of any standing water nearby, that’s where they breed. You can also keep bug sprays and bug wipes for the guests, just in case.

4. Have a Command over the sound of Music:

Nobody would want to stand near the speakers if they’re yelling. The best way is to spread a couple of speakers all over your space and keep the sound set at a lower volume, so it doesn’t hurt people’s ears, and it is easy for people to talk and mingle. You also don’t need to buy or borrow an expensive sound system. Just position your speakers towards the house, the sound will bounce off the wall and have the perfect volume.

5. Keep the Guests Cool:

A good party host wants their guests to be as comfortable as they can be. During summers, it can get a bit too hot if you stay out for long. For this, you must always be pre-planned. Keep sunblock, bug spray, hand-held fans and ice-cold compressors. For ice-cold compressors, you can use inexpensive washcloths, roll them up and tie a rubber-band over. Throw these rolled up washcloths in a tub of ice water, and have the guests access it whenever needed.

6. Keep People Mingling:

People Mingling
The greatest backyard party is the one where everyone is having fun, and different people get to know each other. You can do this one trick of cramming a lot of people into one place, and that could turn out as a great ice-breaker. You can also go on introducing everyone or plan an activity or some fun contest like Easter egg painting contest or Pumpkin carving competition. These will encourage people to intermingle with each other and enjoy fun times!

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Johnson. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at Wax & Wick.

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