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6 DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us are thinking of new ways we can decorate our homes and tables for the season. Rather than forking out money on new decor, why not make some decor yourself at home? These DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas are cheap and easy to make – many of the components can be found in your home, your local park, or a dollar store!

1. Patchwork table runner

A table runner is a cozy and sweet way to decorate your Thanksgiving table while still Taking Care of Furniture and protecting it from spills. You can pick up a table runner from any store, but making your own will add a personal touch to the table. If you have pieces of fabric lying around, cut them into even squares and sew them into a patchwork on a long ream of cotton for a traditional table runner.

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2. Doily bunting

For a quirky bit of decor, transforming doilies into bunting that can be hung over a mantlepiece or around your dining room will add a warm touch to the room. We love this DIY Thanksgiving doily banner and it is super easy to make. With some paper doilies, acrylic paint, ribbon, and glue, you can make some autumnal bunting that you won’t want to take down.

3. Thankful tree

If you have kids and want to get them involved in the DIY decor and encourage them to think about what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, why not make a thankful tree together? We love this idea from Cleverly Simple. All you need are some twigs and branches, some string, a jar or vase, and colored paper for the decorations. Kids can decorate the tree with cut-out paper leaves and write on them what they are thankful for. You can also create space for your baby for Thanksgiving day by decorating kids room using wallpapers from Ever Wallpaper.

4. Pinecone napkin rings

If you live near pine trees, it’s that time of year when you’ll be stepping on one every few feet. Start collecting them to create some cute pinecone napkin rings this Thanksgiving. All you’ll need is some pinecones, some string or wire, and some fabric. These rings will look even better if you spray paint the pinecones gold, use burlap for the fabric to glue the pinecones to the string, and cut out some leaf-shaped fabric for an extra touch.

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5. Autumnal mason jar candles

Get into the mason jar trend this fall with some cozy autumn leaf candle holders. All you need are some autumn leaves (real or fake), glue, and a mason jar. Glue the leaves around the outside of the jar and add some brown string to the rim for a great finish. Pop a candle or a bundle of fairy lights in the jar and pop these up around your dining room for a truly cozy atmosphere this Thanksgiving.

6. Thankful clothespin wreath

Another DIY idea that looks great and lets you express what you’re thankful for this year is this clothespin wreath. A wire wreath base, wooden clothespins, paint, and glue are the only essentials for this wreath – though decorative leaves and acorns and a “thankful for” sign hanging at the wreath’s center will look really special. 

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