How Do You Choose the Best Solar Companies in NJ?


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When shopping around for solar companies in NJ, you might wonder if there are differences between installers and how to choose the best company in your area. The first thing to consider is that there are some very vital differences between installers, as not all solar companies offer the same quality products or even reliable installations!

To ensure you’re happy with your solar power system for years to come, check out some quick tips for choosing the best solar companies in New Jersey. You can then find one that will ensure a high-quality installation and durable products that will last for years.

The Best Solar Companies in NJ Aren’t the Cheapest!

Solar panels are not necessarily as complicated in design as household appliances, or that car in your garage. However, they’re also not as simplistic as you might assume! Solar power panels work with a wide array of parts and specialty cells designed to collect sunlight and convert it into usable electricity.

Solar power systems also need wiring that runs through an inverter and then to a local utility. Those panels sit on a racking system attached to your roof, and need the right angle for trapping sunlight and encouraging water and debris runoff.

All of these complicated aspects of solar panel operation require a specialty installer who can design a system that works for your home, and who can connect that wiring properly. A quality installer won’t necessarily be the cheapest, but investing in more reliable services will mean a solar power system that lasts for years, with little risk of needed repairs.

A high-quality installation might cost more but will also mean a solar power system that collects more sunlight and converts that light into more usable power. An inexperienced or unreliable installer might be cheaper, but might not angle the panels properly or connect them as needed, so your system doesn’t work as efficiently as it should.

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What Is the Reputation of a Solar Power Company in NJ?

One way to ensure you’re hiring a reliable solar power company in NJ is to check their reputation. Note if past customers have commented on their customer service and on how well their new solar installation performed.

When searching online for reviews, ensure you check a variety of sources including Google, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and the like. A variety of online reviews will give you a better idea of a company’s overall reputation, so you can choose a reputable installer.

It’s also advisable that you check your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints or issues registered about the company. This can also alert you to the potential for substandard work and poor-quality panels.

How Long Has a New Jersey Solar Installer Been in Business?

Solar power system design and installation isn’t a skill you can master by reading a book! The more hands-on experience an installer has, the more proficient they become at designing a racking system for a variety of properties and ensuring quality installation and wiring.

An installer with years of experience is also more likely to have built relationships with manufacturers and distributors. In turn, they might know of more rebates, discounts, and other bargains and deals from solar panel companies!

An experienced solar power installer will have also faced far more issues with solar panel installations than an inexperienced contractor. For example, an experienced installer might spot overhanging tree branches that could obstruct panels and keep them from working efficiently. He or she might also spot roof damage that needs repairs so the structure can support a solar system properly.

Why Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Solar Company in NJ

When shopping around various solar companies in NJ, it’s recommended that you choose a locally owned and operated company. One reason for this is that solar installation is very labor intensive. By choosing a local company, you’re supporting your local economy and creating jobs for your neighbors!

A local installer will also be more familiar with challenges he or she might face with solar power installation. For instance, the state isn’t quite known for its sunny weather, so it’s vital that panels are installed and angled as needed for maximum sun exposure.

Locally owned and operated companies will also be more knowledgeable about state tax incentives and other cost-saving measures for NJ residents. Since you want to take advantage of all financial incentives available to you, and tax incentives often change from year to year, working with a local, knowledgeable installer can mean far less cost for solar power installation overall.

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Are They Licensed and Insured?

It might seem like an obvious point, but it’s surprising how many property owners fail to check if a solar power company in NJ is licensed and especially if they’re insured! While solar power installation shouldn’t mean damage to a roof or property, if an installer should drill too far into the roof or crack the decking or shingles, proper insurance coverage will reimburse you for that damage.

Never hesitate to check on a company’s license and amount of insurance coverage and ensure they’re both valid. If a contractor hesitates when asked about their license or insurance policy, this can be a red flag that it’s time to find another installer!

Always Check Warranties Offered by Solar Companies in NJ

Warranties offered by solar companies in NJ will tell you a lot about the quality of their products and services! Long-term warranties indicate that the company stands behind their work while shorter warranties might be a red flag as to the quality of a solar power system.

It’s also helpful to remember that a higher-quality solar panel system and qualified installer might cost more, but you might also get a longer warranty or guarantee for those products and services. In turn, you can expect them to function more effectively and last longer before needing replacing than a cheaper product that comes with a shorter warranty.

Remember these simple but important tips when shopping around various solar companies in NJ. A few minutes of research can ensure you’re happy with your chosen installer and your solar power system for many years to come!

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