6 Common Signs You Need AC Repair Service

Delayed AC repair can be the reason behind your in-call HVAC company suggestinga complete replacement of the system. When your HVAC system malfunctions and doesn’t get the care it requires, the whole system tends to break down. So, the problem that could have been solved easily with a prompted AC repair call is now mandated replacement. My point is, delaying a repair will do you no good. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can read the signs that hint at the need for an AC repair or maintenance check. To help with that, I decided to highlight six common signs that tell you it is time to call a professional HVAC company for AC repair services. 

6 Signs That Hint You Need AC Repair ASAP

1. Poor airflow & inadequate heating or cooling

The biggest tell-tell sign of your heating and air conditioning system needing a repair is improper airflow, leading to uneven heating and cooling throughout the house.

For a central air conditioning system, this sign is very prominent. For example, if you are used to get consistent heating and cooling in all your rooms and suddenly you notice one room is cooler than the other, it implies that you have uneven cooling. With uneven heating and air conditioning, some parts of your home are cooler or warmer than other parts. This phenomenon is also known as cold and hot spots. The uneven airflow or hot ‘n cold spots are major signs that you need to call for air conditioner repair. 

However, if your home HVAC is zoned, you might have individual control over each part of the house. So, in a zoned home, this sign might not be clear. In that case, the following symptoms should help you decide whether you need A/C repair or not.

2. Short cycles

Short cyclingis a term that, knowingly and unknowingly, gets thrown around a lot in the HVAC industry.A short cycle is the period of time between turning the system on and off. Basically, when your AC, heat pump or furnace turns on and off frequently, we call it short cycling.
Short cycling can happen for a number of reasons. Inadequate HVAC equipment and malfunctioning internal parts are the two most common reasons behind it.

So, if you notice that your heating and cooling is turning on and off frequently, go now and call an HVAC company to have a look at it. 

3. Sudden spike in energy bill

A sudden spike in the electric bill is a direct sign that your heating and cooling setup needs attention. 

When your HVAC unit is malfunctioning or has an internal problem, it’ll have to work much harder to heat or cool the home. And when the HVAC system works harder to heat or air-condition the home, there will be an eventual increase in the electric bills. 

However, improper insulation can also lead to a spike which is why you should check your insulation before drawing a conclusion.

4. Excessive Humidity


When your HVAC system is not functioning properly, you’ll notice that the humidity level has gone up. 

Higher humidity level means mold will grow on your vents, lowering the air quality and making it easier for other microorganisms to grow. The bottom line is, high humidity is good for you or your home. 

There are two ways to know if your home has more humidity than before. Firstly, almost all modern HVAC system or thermostat comes with a humidity indicator. You can track your humidity level from your phone and know if it has increased significantly or pretty much has been consistent over the weeks. Secondly, if you don’t have a modern HVAC system and no way to see the actual humidity level, you can tell from precipitation when you are at home. If you are sweating more than usual, it could be due to excessive humidity. Alternatively, you can buy a humidity sensor and place it in your living room or bedroom. These are not very expensive. 

When you notice the increase, go ahead and call an air conditioner repair company; otherwise, you’ll end up with molds. Then you’ll have to call professionals for both air duct cleaning and repair. So, save yourself some time and money and take care of your system as soon as you notice an excessive increase in humidity.  

5. Unflattering odor

Unflattering odor can be a sign indicating your HVAC system is not working properly. This can also be a result of mold infestation. 

As mentioned earlier, with excessive humidity, mold starts to grow and breed more microorganisms which later stinks up your place. Since excessive humidity is a direct result of system malfunction and unfaltering odor is a direct result of excessive humidity, you can take the odor as a sign of a malfunctioning system too. 

6. Abnormal noise

Lastly, if you notice your HVAC equipment is making abnormal noise like rattling sound or loose fan grinding, be sure that something else needs to be looked at. 

In this situation, turn off your system immediately and let professionals have a go. Remember, delaying repair or even keeping it turned on after such abnormal rattling sound can further damage the system and force you to get a whole new setup. 

Bottom Line –

If you notice these signs in your home, call for professional help. Explain the signs and let them take a look. Remember, any delay in repair could lead to a massive breakdown, leading to costly replacement. 

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