How To Prepare Yourself For Moving To College

Moving away from your family home into a dorm room is like moving from one reality into another. You need to prepare for a whole different lifestyle. This big change can be much less hectic if you take certain steps that will ease you into the move. Here are a few tips that will help you make a smooth transition to college.

Do a Complete Health Check-up

If you are moving to a new city, you’ll need to get a new doctor and a dentist. However, to avoid frantic pursuit for a decent doctor while you are still settling, you better do a check-up in your hometown. Go to your dentist, prepare any medication you need, check if your vaccinations are up-to-date, and schedule a doctor’s appointment if anything troubles you. 

Research Your New City

Doing some quality research on your new city can help you in two ways. Firstly, it can boost your excitement about moving and make you less nervous. Secondly, it can help you find fun places that you can visit or where you can hang out when you get there. If you have a hobby, you can find a place that will allow you to continue engaging in that activity. Getting to know a thing or two about your city-to-be will make you feel more at home when you start living there.

Visit Your College Campus

Some colleges offer summer orientation to let the students get to know the campus. If this is the case with your school, embrace this opportunity. Taking a tour of the school grounds will ensure that you’ll find your way around campus when the classes start. Even if there is no orientation, nothing is stopping you from heading down there and taking a little independent tour.

Get Your Tools Ready

The pressure can lessen when you know that you are fully prepared for more demanding classes. Luckily, there are lots of tools that you can add to your college-conquering toolbox. Since good time management is of the essence, you can use apps like 2DoApp or Any.Do to stay organized and efficient. For tracking your classes, assignments, projects, and tests, you can give MyHomework platform a try. 

You should also consider finding a writing service that can assist you with any urgent essay tasks. Check out Top Writers Review, pick the service you like, and add it to your “tools” list.

Connect with Your Fellow-Students

One of the best parts about the internet is that it connects people. Do some digging if there are any Facebook groups, forums, or college-related websites where you can meet people with whom you’ll attend classes. Don’t shy away from making acquaintances or maybe even friends ahead of time. Everything is easier when you have a backup.

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Create Packing Lists

Lists are golden when it comes to moving. Don’t rely on your overpacked memory. Instead, make lists for everything you need to pack and carry to the dorm. You can download a list-making app and create different categories such as “essentials,” “furniture,” “medications,” “tech,” etc. The categories will keep you organized, while the list will ensure that you don’t forget a thing. Since the list will be on your phone, you can add a new item whenever something crosses your mind.  

Find Out How You Can Get Involved in Campus Activities

What’s great about going to college is that you’ll be a part of a community. This community can help you find your place. In order not to miss sign-up dates, find out when you can sign up for activities you are interested in. If there are any requirements such as writing an introductory essay, you can head to a website that offers essay examples for free and prepare that essay in advance. Becoming a part of a group while pursuing your passion will help you meet like-minded people.

Make your move to college as stress-free as possible with the help of these tips. As long as you plan and prepare, you won’t be anxious about the move. The only emotion you’ll be left with is excitement. 

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