How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Garage Door?

According to a survey done by the Wall Street Journal, at least 74% of homeowners believe that a garage’s primary function is parking. Nonetheless, your garage should have a garage door for it to be the safest place in your home for your car. Like any other part of your home, your garage may require new garage door installation or replacement. Chicago Garage Door provides garage door installers who can help install a new garage door quickly and efficiently. However, it’s essential to know the average cost of installing a new garage door before getting one.

The Price of Installing a New Garage Door

On average, you can spend between $470 to $8,000 installing a new garage door. However, several factors play a role in determining the overall cost of your new garage door installation. These factors include:

1. Material

The first factor every homeowner has to consider when choosing a new garage door is the type of material. Materials have a significant impact on the duration of the garage door and installation costs. Some of the material options you can choose from in today’s market are steel, wooden, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Steel and wooden garage doors are more expensive compared to their aluminum and fiberglass counterparts. Despite steel and wooden garage doors being more expensive, they are durable, easier to sustain, and better insulation than other materials.

2. Size

The size of the garage door you require will also dictate the installation price. A single-car garage door is smaller compared to a double-car garage door. While the cost will certainly not double, the installation price will be a little higher. That’s why it’s essential to involve a professional garage door installer when ordering your door.

A professional installer will help take the correct measurements of your garage opening and develop an estimated price for your total installation. 

3. Technology

Installing an automatic garage door will be more expensive than installing a manual garage door. Therefore, ensure you factor in the technology aspect of your door as you budget for the installation. However, if you want to increase your home’s value, it’s generally best to settle for an automatic door.

4. Decorative Accents

Another factor to consider when determining the cost of installing a new garage door is the decorative accents. What aspects do you want to add to your garage door that will make it stand out? The accents you choose to add to your door will impact the installation cost. If you want to include lights, the installation expense will increase.

If you want to have windows, your price will go up. While adding decorative accents gives your garage door a curb appeal, it also means parting with a bigger investment during the installation process.

New Garage Door2

5. Architectural Elements

If you’re planning to include other architectural elements in your garage door, you must be ready to pay more for the installation. For instance, if you buy a factory door, you have the freedom to include trim options or a window panel without increasing your price. But, if you go for a custom garage door, getting additional architectural elements included will increase the labor costs and installation costs.

6. Opener Type

Another factor that can influence the cost of installing a new garage door is the opener type. For instance, if you plan to switch up your boring roll-up garage door to an open swing-open garage door, it will naturally require you to replace your garage door opener. You may have to upgrade to an opener that increases your garage door’s reliability and helps in noise reduction.

7. Safety Factor

Your safety should be your topmost priority. And, this should translate to the garage door you choose. For instance, if you live in a hurricane or high wind area, it’s important to make sure your garage door can withstand these elements. Garage doors in such areas should have heavier gauge tracking, additional bracing, and other necessary hardware. These features will help keep them in place in extreme weather conditions.

8. Installation

Lastly, the installation method you choose also impacts the total price. While hiring a professional may cost you a little more than doing it yourself, it helps save you energy and time. With a professional’s help, you also have the surety that you have someone who can help solve the issue if any problem arises.

With the above information, you can easily budget for your new garage door installation without going over budget. 

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