How To Choose A Deck Builder That’s Right For You

Ship decks are considered a place of luxury on many cruise ships. A place to relax and unwind as you gaze into the ocean. A place to socialize and get acquainted with the other guests over a glass of wine or whiskey. With that said, it would be amazing to get the same experience from your home deck, without the ocean view, of course. However, finding the right deck builder for your home can be tricky. If you do not find the right company, the results could be expensive and, worse, still not what you wanted. Not all contractors are as efficient as Maryland Deck Builders, so here is what to look for when hiring deck builders. 

Do Your  Research

I know it may sound monotonous and cliche, as every professional asks you to do your research first before settling for a contractor. But this is always the first step in ensuring that you get a deck builder who suits your needs. Proper research can save you money and expound your imagination to deck designs that you had not envisioned before. 

Location! Location! Location!

Finding the right builder isn’t enough. You need to find one close to your area. A deck building company close by may be in a better position to handle the job more effectively. First, they understand the landscape and the deck requirements for your location. They may be experienced enough to point out what has worked for their past clients and what they think will work for you.

In addition, they are near you, making it faster for them to access your premises and perform the job. The shortened distance may also make the job cheaper as opposed to picking a company outside your area. 

Check Customer Reviews

In most cases, past customers are unbiased and will give honest reviews about the company’s service. Many sites offer customer reviews in different niches. Look for some reputable websites that provide customer reviews on deck building companies. Narrow the search down to your location and look at the recommended companies you can use. This review process will not only help you find the right company to work with but also give you valuable insight on deck construction that you may have overlooked.

Before and After Images

Most companies offer before and after images either on their site or review websites. It is the perfect opportunity to see how a business transformed a past customer’s deck. However, you need to be keen on this; photo enhancement software is more commonly used in businesses today and not just on social media. 

To avoid falling prey to fake pictures, there are specific things you should look at and not just the quality of the images. Check how clean the finishing is. This cannot be easily concealed with image enhancement tools and would be a good indicator. Look at what the client asked for and check the final product. Look for small details such as nails sticking out, a sloppy paint job, and how well the wooden planks fit.

Deck 2

Search for Specifications

As you can imagine, your needs and those of another client are not the same. For this reason, it is essential to search for companies geared to what you require. That means including your requirements in the search bar to get more detailed results. 

Include the type of material you want, type of painting, railing specifications, and your desired project duration. Of course, you can’t fit this description on the search bar. Therefore you should break the search down as you narrow it down until you get a list of your preferred options. 

Planning And Budgeting

Now that you have narrowed down the list to potential deck-building companies you would like to work with, it is time to plan and budget. Some people may recommend you plan and budget before you do research. But how do you do this without any insight on the requirements or price range deck building companies work with?

Now that you have a price range, check which companies work within your budget and plan accordingly by setting aside time for them to come and work on your deck. This should be at a time when there is not much movement around your home. 


Even with all the preparations and research you have done, working with a licensed and certified company is always essential. This gives you more guarantee of their professionalism and gives you the confidence to work with them. After all, your deck should be a place to relax and unwind. Having a licensed deck builder company goes a long way to achieve this. 

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